Top 5 Apps to Redeem Google Play Credit (Rewards) to Bank/PayPal/Paytm

Do you remember I was shared how to earn Google play credit easily? Now I am going to share how to redeem Google play credit to your bank or PayPal/Paytm account. Yes! It’s very easy to transfer your google play balance to PayPal or bank.  Recently I converted google opinion rewards to real money.

In this post, I will share the best apps to redeem google rewards balance. If you are not using your google play balance or google opinion rewards in play store then why not transfer your Google play balance to the bank account.

As you know Google opinion survey rewards credit expires after 1 year of earning. So, In this situation, We must use google play balance either in buying Apps, games or convert in real bank amount.

Rule to Redeem Google Balance

Before using google rewards redeemer app, You must know below things-

  • You’ll receive 50% of your Google rewards redeem balance. (After 30% Google commission & 20% app commission)
  • You have to wait at least 15 days to get money.
  • Be sure before redeeming balance on rewards converter app because you can’t undo this.
  • Be patience!

Best App for Google Opinion Rewards Redeem

Now, you have finally planned to redeem google play credit which is earned by google rewards app or earned by other survey apps to earn Google play credit. Let’s see which is the best google rewards redeem app.

Note: I have used the first one and got the payment and other apps are taken according to Google Play user review. So, Use these apps after your research. Try below apps at your own risk.  Thanks for Understanding.

#1. Rewards Converter App – Redeem Rewards

Rewards converter is another app for converting google rewards into real wallet money. You can easily redeem rewards to your bank/Paytm in 7 days. They give only 50% of your redeem amount.

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#2. Credit Converter – Google Reward Converter

The credit converter app helps you to convert your unused play credit balance into PayTm cash credit. It’s really awesome google credit converter to redeem google play credit balance. Note: It gives 60% of the redeemed amount and takes 50+ hours to redeem the balance.

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#3. Convert Rewards App

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#4. Redeem Google Rewards App

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#5. Google opinion convertor App

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#6. Open rewards converter App

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Above apps are the best redeeming app for google opinion rewards. As we know US & tier 1 county user are getting higher survey reward in $$ but they don’t know how to redeem google play balance to their PayPal account. Well, Now you can use these to get money for real use instead of purchasing games and app from play store.

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