Top 5 Music Streaming Apps for Android Smartphone


There was a time when listening a new song needed lots of research in market of music cassettes and compact disks. Then time changed and the digital era begins where you can easily download any of your favorite song through internet instantly. A whole library can be stored in small memory device called SD card. But the advancement never stops so the latest method to listen songs is music streaming apps. These apps require an internet connection to stream music from across the entire world.

These applications are very useful because you can get every kind of song at a single platform without doing any further research. These apps are available for almost every smart phone platform such as android, iOS or windows. Just enter the name of song and it will provide you all possible search result within few seconds. Also it doesn’t require a high speed internet connection because audio files are less heavy as compare to videos. There is no need to store songs in bulk in your phone or PC storage unit without listening them, just stream whenever you want. All the music streaming apps on internet are not reliable so a list of best applications is mentioned here.

Best Music Streaming Apps

Below are high rated online music streaming apps for smartphone.


#1. SoundCloud

The sound cloud for online music streaming is one of the most reliable and popular app among regular internet users. You can use it as streaming application in your smart phone, as well as it is also accessible through the official website in desktop. To use the services of soundcloud, you need to signup first of all with a valid mail id or through your facebook account. Once the account has been created, you are free to access unlimited songs by just entering name in search box. Also you will get options to organize the sound tracks according to the artist name or album. As being a registered user, you are also authorized to upload audio file directly from memory device to internet. The forward seeking feature of this app is very interesting and useful tool.

SoundCloud - Music & Audio
SoundCloud - Music & Audio


#2. Pandora

Pandora is a widely used application by interned users to create your own radio stations. You can upload songs in a playlist or listen to the songs of other’s genre section by just entering the name of artist or album. The first step to use this music streaming app is signing in for the creation of new account.  Once the account has been created, you can create your own play list by uploading new songs, edit the station, edit the shuffle and delete the station. There is also a sharing feature provided in app to share any specific song through various social media applications.

Pandora Music
Pandora Music
Developer: Pandora
Price: Free+


#3. Slacker radio

Slacker Radio application of music streaming comes in both paid and free versions to browse music online. It contains hundreds of music stations which provide free access to every kind of music. Free version comes with various advertisements that may interrupt you while listening. Also you can skip only 6 songs in an hour with free version. To avail the full features, it is suggested to subscribe for premium version of slacker radio app. You can download the application of slacker for android, iOS and windows operating systems from their official website for free of cost.

Slacker Radio
Slacker Radio
Developer: Slacker Inc.
Price: Free


#4. Spotify

The name of spotify comes in the list of modern music streaming apps which are very rich in features. You can get more than 30 million song tracks while using spotify in your smart phone or through desktop. It contains a large variety of audio tracks form old to latest ones. So if you are an old music lover, then spotify is also useful for you. You may signup through mail id or simply connect the app with facebook account to gain instant access. It is available as both free and paid format. The free version of spotify contains advertisements, which can be removed in premium version.

Spotify Music
Spotify Music
Developer: Spotify Ltd.
Price: Free


#5. Deezer

Deezer can be used as a music player to play downloaded songs as well stream audio files through internet. It has a crystal clear and user friendly interface to perform various functions. You can easily search music by entering the name of artists or albums in search box. This is one of the music streaming apps which are capable of displaying music lyrics along playing tracks. You can also listen to the live radio stations by spending just a little amount of data. If the advertisements coming during streaming interrupts you, simply switch to its premium version.



So these are free/paid online music streaming apps. I hope you are enjoying these streaming app. If you are using any other streaming app then let us know in comment below.


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