Top 5 Facebook Auto Liker Apps for Android Mobile


Fb auto liker is one of the best ways to get likes on facebook photo, post and videos. Not only likes you can even get random comments on Facebook. Well, Today in top 5 series I will provide you facebook liker app for your Android smartphone and then get access facebook auto liker though app without browsing website. Now instant likes on the Facebook post is very easier because below given app will provide you free likes on facebook photo, status and videos. Have a look at top 5 facebook liker app to get instant likes. If you don’t have Android mobile then you can check Facebook Auto Liker Sites to get unlimited facebook likes. You may also like to know insta auto liker app for unlimited Instagram likes.

At this time there are many auto liker apps in Android App Store. But 90% of them are unusual and fake. You can search FB auto liker app in play store you will get many results, Have a look at their app review. You get many of guy is not satisfied with that. & You should know that many working auto liker apps are not listed in Play Store. Then what to do? Don’t worry! Here I will give you a direct link to download facebook auto liker app. If you want to download FB video then see Facebook Video Downloader Apps for Android.

Before downloading Auto Liker app follow below things:

  • I am giving you .apk auto liker file so you need to allow third-party installation
  • Just go to Settings
  • Then enter into Security Section
  • Check on Unknown Sources option.
  • Now you are ready to download auto liker .apk.


Suggestion on using Facebook liker app:

  • Don’t use these liker apps on your real Facebook account.
  • Your FB account can be hacked because they require Access Token which is the same as Facebook password.
  • Getting likes on Facebook using these Facebook liker app/website is against to Facebook TOS.
  • Excessively use of autoliker may be blocking your Facebook Account Permanently
  • So try these Facebook auto liker app at your own risk


Best Facebook Auto Liker App 2018

Below is best FB auto liker for your Android device. These apps are available in the .apk format. I highly recommend you to use or for facebook likes. Because it is the safest mode as compared to auto liker app. Well, Let’s try below Facebook auto liker app on your Android mobile and get unlimited auto likes.

KP liker is one of the best FB liker app that provides many likes on your facebook profile photo or timeline photo. Be sure that you have a public profile to get likes otherwise you should change private to the public image for getting likes using this auto liker app.

Liker app is easiest and friendly in use. Just give likes and get credit and use your credit to likes on your facebook wall. This app is made by Yapp! Liker app is also a very popular app. It is downloaded by 1Millions user. Sometimes it shows error and not giving likes from liker app. You can see best FB auto liker on the internet that works without downloading auto liker app.

Auto King Liker app is the best alternative to DJ liker app. Just use this app and get 250+ likes at a time on your Facebook status, pictures, videos and FB page etc. Be patience while getting likes otherwise your Facebook account can be temporary or permanent ban.

This is one of the best auto liker apps. You can get likes on its website or through 4 liker apps. This app is also used to get auto likes on the Facebook photo, status video and custom post URL. 4Liker is most popular auto liker app on the internet for facebook likes. Just download 4Liker apk and use it on your smartphone to get facebook photo likes.

Social Liker apk is another auto liker for your Android device. Using this app you can get unlimited likes. So, Let’s download social liker app and get unlimited facebook profile photo/post likes.

6DJ Liker App (No longer available)

DJ liker app is one of the famous and widely used auto liker apps. This app is really fabulous for Facebook likes. You can get 250+ likes using this DJ liker. Actually, DJ liker is made with the aim to provide likes on Facebook with auto liking application. DJ like app is free, safe and fast, protected app liker app. You can easily download DJ like apk from above-given link.


So these are highly recommended facebook liker app. I have also published best auto liker sites for you. If you are using any other auto liker app on your smartphone then let us know below. And also tell us which one was the best liker app for you. Let’s try above auto liker app and give suggestion in the comment section.






  1. I actually don’t use autolikers because they ask permission to do everything with your account. And I suggest everyone not to use it. Anyways nice article and informative one too. Thanks bro…

    • Hi Amit,

      Unhappy to listen that your FB account has disabled. Actually, I had already suggested in the article, Excessive use of autolikers can block your FB account.

      Well, Don’t worry. Follow FB instruction to enable this or Wait for 7 days it will be automatically enabled. If not so contact us we will happy to help you.

      I highly suggest my visitors to use likes/Follow exchange sites. It is 100% safe. I am using this from long time. (Best one to try this like exchange site)


    • If you have already made an account through the same PC/IP then you can’t again sign up with an email. So be sure your email account is already registered or Not!

      Now do forget password and check which email you have already signup.

      Otherwise contact them.

    • You are getting this error because you have already created an account with your PC/IP. This site doesn’t allow any user to make more than 1 account.

      So, Use Forget password option to get Password on yours email.


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