Top 5 Calculator App for Android (Scientific & Financial)

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Calculator is very needy part of any business. Without the calculator, we can’t imagine doing calculation fast. Either you are working in the financial sector or you are preparing for engineering projects, Every time you need financial calculator or scientific calculator to solve the big math problem.

As you know scientific calculators are not much handy to take in the pocket. Mathematics & Engineering student required to keep scientific calculator with them. Time is gone. Now you don’t have to carry a giant calculator. Just install free/paid calculator app on your android device and use your mobile device as the super calculator.

There are many calculator apps for Android in the android app store. But problem is in finding the best calculator app. So I planned to find best math calculator for you and i got most of android calculator are simple, useless and full of ads. Well, I found some good calculator app.

Best Calculator App for Android

You are still reading this means you are really not satisfied with by-default android calculator in android mobile. Now your calculator app finding ends here. Lets see below scientific & financial calculator apps.

#1. Financial Calculators

 Financial Calculator

If you are in financial sector then this financial calculator app will help you. Financial calculator is one of the best collection of financial calculators. This app is totally offline calculator app. It only requires internet access if there is required to know the current currency exchange rate. And also this calculator app is 100% Free in use. This app is designed by Bishinews and it is having a 4.3-star rating with a Million download.

Features :

  • Calculate Finance & Investment (TVM, Currency, CI, ROI, IRR NPV, MIRR, Bond, Tax equivalent Yield etc.)
  • It is having Loan/Mortgage calculator
  • Retirement Calculator
  • Stock Calculator
  • Credit card calculator
  • Unit price compare and having other calculator
  • 100% free offline calculator app

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#2. RealCalc Scientific Calculator

 RealCalc Scientific Calculator

RealCalc Scientific Calculator app is one of the best scientific calculators, is very easy to operate. It is having all the unit conversions, standard scientific functions plus history, memories, and constants. You are given a lot of calculators styles and formats to choose from. This calculator is developed by Quartic Software. It is having a 4.5-star rating with 10 Million downloads.

Features :

  • Any unit conversions
  • percentages
  • Calculate binary, octal and hexadecimal
  • Solve Traditional algebraic or RPN operation
  • A lot of math formula
  • Configurable digit grouping and decimal point
  • If you want to get extra features then buy RealCal Plus paid app in almost 1$

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#3. Natural Scientific Calculator

Natural Scientific Calculator app is awesome calculator app which is having 4.5 star rating with 1 Million downloads. This scientific calculator is developed by Stultus Studios Calculators.

Features :

  • Zoom in to overview of complex equations
  • Write as like you write on paper
  • Bookmark any time while calculating and also explore History
  • Share your equation problem with friends
  • Solve big equations
  • This is free app but if you want to use some extra features then pay 1-2$.

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#4. Google Calculator

Google Calculator

Google calculator app is one of the simplest and advanced calculator apps in google play store. I impressed with its design. Don’t expect very big calculation with google calculator. You can do basic math calculations. And also you can solve trigonometric, logarithmic and exponential functions etc. Google calculator is downloaded by 10Million users and given a 4.4-star rating.

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#5. All-in-One Calculator FREE

All-in-One Calculator is one of famous upcoming math calculator app. Its developer name is Mindbox Apps. If we talk about the popularity of this app then pay attention to User review of this app, is 4.7 & downloads 100 Thousand till now.

Features :

  • Having 50 calculators and unit converters
  • Simple/scientific calculator with 40 vibrant colors theme
  • Support currency converter offline
  • Get instant solution
  • Bookmarking available and access from favorite list
  • Solve Algebra, Geometry, Unit converters, Finance, Health, Engineering equations.


Hope you liked above all calculator app. Let’s use them and tell us how they are useful. If you are using any other calculator which is not listed aboveThe calculator then don’t worry let us know your favourite calculator app in the comment section.

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