Top 5 Best Antivirus Apps for Android Smartphone


Security of any device is must to keep our information confidential. In laptop or PC, people install antivirus to keep their information away from Virus and malware. Similarly, in mobile also we require some protecting App or security App. Our Android mobiles are getting more secure with every new release of its operating system. Today, you will get some information about Top 5 best antivirus app for android.

Antivirus is very important for our android mobile because it always scan our file while surfing internet. For android mobiles, there is lot of Antivirus or security App. We have to select any one of the following antivirus app for android mobile. Before that, try to get complete information about Antivirus which you are going to install in your Android mobile.

Best Antivirus Apps List

Below are best malware, junk and virus cleaner – Antivirus app. Lets see.

#1. 360 Security – Antivirus Boost

360 Security Antivirus App is almost installed in most of android mobiles and people are using it without any problem. It is freely available in Google play store. That’s why, Android user installs it easily but another important reason for its popularity is that, this App automatically scans our Android Smartphone. According to me, 360 Security App is at top position in Top 5 best antivirus app for android. This 360 security App is having lot of features like it can scan our Apps and games, enable real-time protection, anti-theft feature many more.


#2. CM Security

This an another Security App after 360 security App. This app is giving strong competition to 360 Security. CM Security is having great rating on Google Play store i.e. 4.7 out of 5. This App is also including App lock facility so that we can lock our private file and information. Due to this features, people are installing CM Security App, it save lot of memory storage because we need not to install separate folder lock App. So you can also install this app if you want to lock your files along with their security. But before installing any app, first try to read reviews given by users to that app so that you can understand its advantages and disadvantages.


#3. Kaspersky Internet Security

One of the Most powerful Antivirus for laptop or PC. I think Kaspersky Internet Security App is also helpful for Android mobile but it is only for those users who are having secret files in their mobile and are capable to pay some money to protect them from virus. So you can also install this Antivirus App in your android mobile so that you can protect your data. Those android mobile who are having Android 2.2 or more, they can easily install this App in their mobile and can enjoy a complete data protection.


#4. Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus App

Avast antivirus is very much famous for laptop and PC but it is not that much famous for Android mobile because it is a paid antivirus and android users always prefer free app instead of paid app. But still there are lot of users who can pay for their data protection, they can buy it and can install it. Those people who are using Avast antivirus App, they have given positive reviews and rating about it. So if you are capable to pay for security then it is another option for you.

Avast Antivirus 2018
Avast Antivirus 2018
Developer: Avast Software
Price: Free+


#5. McAfee Security App

McAfee Security App is also a powerful antivirus for Android mobile. Users have given good reviews and rating to this antivirus. It is available free as well as paid but there is small difference in features of free App and Paid app. But for our data protection, always go for paid security apps. It app is having ability to unlock app by fingerprints also. It is a great feature in it for young generation. Recently, McAfee antivirus added another feature i.e. power booster. Initially you will find that this feature is useless but for security reason it one of the most important feature in it. You can also go for McAfee security App for android mobile.

McAfee Mobile Security & Lock
McAfee Mobile Security & Lock
Developer: McAfee LLC
Price: Free+



These are mostly used junk cleaner and virus remover app. Lets try to above security app in your smartphone and boost your mobile performance and internet speed. If you are using any other app or any suggestion regarding Antivirus app then let us in comment section.


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