Top 5 Best Web Browser App for Android Smartphone User

In a laptop or PC, we need the Android web browser to run the internet. Similarly, in Android mobiles also, web browser apps are very important. By default, the web browser app is not that much good so that we can feel comfortable on them.

Even default browsers do not have good user-friendly features. Now a day, the Internet has become part of our lives and tries to find out everything on it. So to search something we need high quality best Web Browser for Android mobile.

There is a lot of Browsers available on Google play store for Android Mobile. But only a few of them are good for us. Now I think a question is coming in your mind that if all browsers are used for the same work then only a few of them are good. Then my dear friends, in this article we will tell you, how browsers become good or bad? How to select good browsers for our Android Mobile? Today, you will get answers to these questions.

Fastest Android Web Browser

Below is the best internet browser. The main fact is all are the free web browser in Google Play store. So why wait, Let’s try internet browser on your smartphone instead of default Android browser.

#1. Chrome

Chrome Browser App

Chrome browser just replaces Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and give a new direction to users. It is developed by Microsoft and it is designed to provide easiness, comfort with a lot of features. It is available for almost every type of mobile or laptops as a free browser. You can install Chrome Browser in your Android mobiles and can enjoy a new world of Web. As, It is free to download or install is one of the major reason for its popularity. I think in every Android mobile, you will find this free Browser.

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#2. UC Browser

UC browser is more comfortable in Android mobiles as compare to Laptop or PC. It has taken a unique position in Google Play Store as a free browser app. If you want to use Facebook in this browser then there is a Facebook Mode which saves a lot of your data net pack. This is a reason that peoples are enjoying UC browser in Android mobile. This is free to install in Android mobile and having 4.7 ratings out of 5. An important quality of this browser is that we can turn off the images and can easily increase the browsing speed of our mobile.

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#3. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin browsers may be new for you but it is also a good browser for Android Mobile. It Browser has a lot of features like ad-block, theming, incognito mode, flash support and some other features like gesture controls. These are the few features due to which Dolphin Browser is getting a lot of success in the Android market. You can also install this Dolphin Browser in your Android mobile and can enjoy a new way to surf the internet. It is small in size and provides fast loading speed and HTML 5 video player.

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#4. Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a lightweight fast uploading Android web browser. It is known because it takes less data while surfing the internet on mobile. Recently, designers have been updated a lot of features in it and now it is more user-friendly. It can easily sync our bookmarks but still, there is a lot of things to do for us. By simply tilting our mobile, it can easily provide the full screen to us so that we can easily browse the internet on the full screen of our mobile. It can provide a direct link to cricket news. It means that we can directly access to cricket world and it helps us to save our data pack.

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#5. Brave Browser – Fast Adblocker

Brave Browser is a new browser but having qualities to get top position in top 5 browsers for Android mobile. Brava Browser provides all those features which other browsers have. It is an open-source browser and it is created by the co-founder of Mozilla Company. This browser maintains the privacy of the user and keeps their information under security. Like other browsers, it is also free to download in Android mobile. It easily speeds up web browser page loading speed. It is having the same features to block ads while surfing the internet. After having look at its features, we can say that this Brave Browser can be a good browser for Android mobile. So at least install it in your Android mobile and share your views on this browser.


So these were mostly used internet browser in the world. I usually use Chrome & UC browser on my phone. Well, I would like to know which is your favorite web browser, Let us know in the comment section. And also don’t forget to share this list with your friends.

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