Top 5 Useful Android Apps For Film Makers


Do you know? Android is one of the widely used mobile OS in the world. That’s why Android apps are a very demanding point. If you want to do extra things on your Android device then you need Apps. Well, Android developers are working very hard to make useful Android apps. You should know today I came with Top 5 App List that will be very helpful for Filmmakers.¬† In the list, I will show you Best Android Apps for Film makers to make their work smarter.

Actually, there are many apps available in Play Store for Filmmakers. If you want to edit videos then try best video editing apps for advanced video editing. So there is not required to open computer for film making. And even if you are going to edit photos then you can use best photo editing apps. As we know there are a lot of good smartphone in the market which can compete with DSLR camera and most important thing is, easy to carry anywhere. Now let’s see Top 5 Android Apps for filmmaking & editing.

Best Android Apps for Film Makers

If your hobby in film making & searching for best apps for you film making & editing then let’s see below app list.

#1. Reverse Movie FX – Magic Video

If you are editing your video and want to add reverse effect then you must try Reverse Movie FX magic video app. This app is best to create a reverse video which will look like a magic trick. In this day you get many magic WhatsApp video which is based on reverse effect. The effect may be on reverse walking, split page, drinking water etc. Shoot your video with drinking water and then use this reverse video app which will reverse your video that you are giving water in a glass.

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Click here to download Reverse Movie FX

#2. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is one of the best Android apps for Film makers. It will help you to make a pro-quality image. Most of Editors and Photographers use Adobe Photoshop to create a high-quality image. Here are direct options to share your edited high-quality image with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flicker and much more.

Click here to download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

#3. Cardboard Camera

Cardboard Camera app is one of the best apps to take photos & experience in Virtual Reality Technology. You capture and share moments with VR photos. Really Cardboard Camera is best for film makers to capture the moments with cardboard camera and relive it in VR.

Click here to download Cardboard Camera

#4. VivaVideo – Free Video Editor

I would like to introduce you with one of the best free video editor apps for your mobile is Viva Video app which is most popular best video editor tool for film makers and editors. Viva Video app has a lot of video effects and tools to use while creating & editing videos. There are also given many filter effects, stickers & audio. If you want to get more video editing tools then you need to buy its pro version.

Click here to download VivaVideo video editor

#5. Open Camera

The open camera app is another great app for film makers. Now make Open camera app as a manual camera app in your phone and get complete control over photo/video shoot. This is completely free camera app. If your device support HD video recording then here you can take 4K resolution video recording. It is Open source take perfectly level photos zoom, flash, focus modes, focus/metering areas, exposure lock, scene modes, color effects, white balance, ISO, exposure compensation video, timer, auto-repeat and many more things.

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Click here to download Open Camera



So these are best android apps for film makers and editors. I know there are a lot of apps for film makers but here I listed only useful apps for film makers. If you think I am missing any app which is best for Film making then let us know in comment section. And also share this film making Android apps with your friends on social media.


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