Top 5 Best Guitar Tuner Apps for Android Smartphone in 2020

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In the earlier times, the microphones of the smartphones were used to tune in the guitar. Although it was not that perfect, the people had no other choice. With the introduction of new apps, there have been a lot of apps designed specifically for tuning your guitars. 

For any of your string instruments having a tuner is very essential as it enhances your music. Now you do not need a personal tuner by your side as your smartphone can be your personal tuner with these tuner guitar apps. 

You might have to be quite careful before you choose a perfect tuner app, as all the apps are not the same. Thus, these are some of the best apps compiled together for your reference. You will definitely enjoy using these apps without a doubt.

Best Guitar Tuner Android Apps

Do you want to learn guitar tune from your Android smartphone? Below is the best guitar tuner apps for you to take guitar lesson from step by step and become master of the guitar.

#1. Guitar Tuna

GuitarTuna - The #1 multi-instrument tuning app in the world!

Guitar Tuna is one of the simplest apps to use for any of a type of string instruments including the electric and the acoustic guitars. You can tune in to anything ranging from guitar to bass to ukulele. The best part of this app is that it does not require any of the cables for providing the best tunes. It is the app recommended by the guitar teachers for the advanced players as well as the beginners. You can even work with this app in the extremely noise areas as it has the advanced features of cancelling the noise in the background. It can help you improve your skills in chords, riffs and tabs as it has been designed by some of the top guitarists.

#2. Smart chords and tools

It is one of the best apps for the musicians as it contains several chords and tunes. You can find almost any of the fingerings on this app. Moreover, it can be used by both the beginners and the professionals. You can refer to it as for any of the string instruments like guitar or mandolin or for any of the unique and rare chords. You can use this app for any of the string instruments with 3-8 strings. You can mix and match the chords and tunes and create the music of your heart’s desire.

#3. Cifra Club Tuner

It can be considered as the best instructor that would guide you to loosen or tighten your string to create some amazing tunes. You have to tighten or loosen the string until the pointer turns green. In case the pointer turns orange then it signifies you to tighten the string, if it turns red then you have to loosen it. It even presents the texts in order to instruct you to tighten or loosen the string. You can easily learn to manage the strings anywhere even without going to any classes. It also filters the noise and provides different tunings for different types of instruments.

#4. Chromatic Guitar Tuner

You can now have the string instruments like guitars, violin, sitar, mandolin and other tuning instruments in your phone. It can be used for both the acoustic guitar as well as the electric guitar easily. You can simply use it with your device’s mic and do not have to put up any additional equipment to work with it. There are a variety of tuning modes like the chromatic mode, automatic mode, pitchfork and more that has been provided by the app. You can make a choice of any of the guitar or ukulele tunings and can enjoy all of these features absolutely free.

#5. Fender Tune

Guitar Tuner App for Android | Fender Tune App | Fender

You can easily tune in to any of the musical instruments with the help of this app. Oit has some of the advanced features and can help you practice the tuning or chords with an ease. None of the tunes are inaccurate; you can experience complete accuracy with the help of this app. Moreover, the feature of Pro Tuner provides flexibility to your tunes. It has some of the unique modes like manual, chromatic and auto-tune. It even has diagramatic presentations which guide you in the selected tuning. Be it chords or scales or rhythm or the collection, you can find everything on this app.


No matter how great a musician you are but if you do not tune in your guitar correctly then you will never sound good. If you do not want to spend your money on buying the tuners then these apps are your ultimate providers. They will provide you with some of the best tunes not only for your guitars but any of your string instruments. Isn’t it quite versatile? Then what are you thinking about immediately install any of these apps and get some of the amazing tunes!

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