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Top 5 Best Game Hacker Download for Android (.APK)


Top 5 Best Game Hacker Download for Android (.APK)

Hey, Are you addicted to playing Android Game? If you are Game lover then you know very well there are many games available in Android app stores. But what about annoying popups & ads while playing game? We don’t like to distract while playing games. And also we need to stop or buy points to continue the game. So Game Hacker is the best solution for Game Hacking.

Game Hacker is one of the best ways to hack Android games and go beyond the Game limits like Point, Level, time etc. Now its time to hack android games to play full feature game without paying anything. So Today, In this article I will share five best apk to hack any android game.

These Game hacker apps are able to hack Android game score, level, coin, point, power, achievements, health and much more. It gives full access to the game that you can skip any hard level in the game. You can use game hacker apk on your PC by using Android Emulator.

Pros of Game Hacker :

  • Hack any Game whether it Offline or Online
  • Skip hard levels of Any Game
  • Unlimited Boost Power/Coin/Health of Game
  • Full access to paid version
  • No limits in the Game
  • Everything of the Game will be in your control
  • Mod Android games

Cons of Game Hacker :

  • Use Game Hacker apk in limits
  • Otherwise, Your Game account will be ban


Note: Game Hacker app is not available in Play Store. So be sure before using these Third-party apps. Actually, I have tried these Game hacker app in my Smartphone. They are working great. So I thought why not share with you. One important thing is, This is only for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE.

List of Game Hacker in 2017

Here are best hacking games to tweak game restriction. Most of the game hacker apk is available for root mobile. But some Game hackers tool don’t require root access. As SB Game hacker can be used without root. Be sure that you must have rooted device to get full benefits of Game Hacker. Let’s download Game hacker on your smartphone.

#1. Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is widly used for getting free in-app purchase app and game. It is able to remove ads, patch the game, skip game licence verification, mod any app and much more. So, You can say Lucky Patcher is best android application to hack android games. If you want to play Lucky Patcher in PC then you must use Windows Android emulator for game hacking in android PC.

Features of Lucky Patcher:

  • Not root required to hack android game
  • Change any permission of the game
  • Remove unwanted ads from Games
  • Hack Jeux & Apps

Click here to download Lucky Patcher

#2. SB Game Hacker

SB Game Hacker is one of the best game hacking tool available on the internet. If you really want to win every time in the game then SB hacker will be best for you. By the help of SB game hacker, you can hack game coin and power level to win the game every time. SB game hacker not only use for hacking games level & coin but also it can be used to remove annoying ads & banner.

Features of SB Game Hacker :

  • Hack Android Games without rooting
  • Get unlimited coin, gems, point, levels, gold etc of any Game
  • Hack popular games like Clash of clans, 8 ball pool, Subway Surfers, Clash Royale etc
  • Simple in use
  • It’s FREE.

Click here to download sb game hacker apk


#3. Xmodgames Game Hacker

Xmodgames is another game hacking app as similar to SB game hacker. It only supports Rooted device. If you have rooted smartphone then you can hack game using xmodgames app. By the help of Xmodgames, Not only you increase coins & score but also you can hack game levels & power of game characters.

Features of Xmodgames:

  • It supports many languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian…
  • You must have rooted device to use xmodgames
  • Tweak complete Games or mod games

Click here to download xmodgames apk


#4. Game Guardian

Game Guardian is well-known tool for hacking games. Gguardian is another best game hacker that can be used to hack & tweak Android games as we like. Guardian gg can hack any Android game to make you winner of the game. Now clear all levels of Game, increase score & boost points using this game hacker. Only you have to change some data of the game in guardian editor.

Features of Game Guardian:

  • Root required for game hacking
  • Get scores as you desired
  • It supports 90+ languages
  • Hack offline games easily

Click here to download Game guardian apk


#5. Creehack

Creehack is another tool for game lover who want to win every time. It runs only on rooted device. Creehack gives everything what you need to be winner of the game (Unlimited coins/score).

So let’s try Creehack app on your smartphone to get lots of points and money. Creehack gives a lot of features of any game that only can be possible if we pay for the game.

Features of Creehack:

  • No root required for game hacking
  • Hack any Applications and Games
  • Get regular update from Creehack team
  • It’s completely FREE

Click here to download Creehack apk


#6. Leo Playcard

Leo Playcard is similar game hacker as like sb, xmodgames & Creehack. It will help you to play paid game for free. Just install leo playcard in your smartphone and hack the video game to play pro features games without paying anything. Do you know leo playcard is also most popular game hacking app as like sb game hacker.

Features of Leo Playcard:

  • Best hack tool for Android Games
  • Root not required in leo playcard
  • Get in-app purchase app & game free by bypass tool
  • It’s Free

Click here to download Leo Playcard apk


#7. Game killer

GameKiller is one of the best hacker apps to modify scores, coins, levels, gems etc. of any Android games. It works on memory modifying technique in game hacking. You should know that Game Killer is downloaded by 10+ million people. The main thing is, It is not available in PlayStore. It supports almost all popular games to hack.

Features of Game Killer:

  • Hack offline or online video game
  • Root required for hacking games
  • HEX edit feature available

Click here to download Game Killer apk



So, These were game hacking apps for your smartphone. Now you are able to hack any type of games (Adventure, Puzzle, Action, Shooter, Combat, FPS, Sports, RPG, MMO & Simulations).

Let’s download above hacking tools in your android device and tell us which game hacker is the best for you? And also don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media.

Hi, Nice to Meet You! This is Vikas who is also known as Develop . I am founder/CEO and editor of this Lovely blog. I’m Blogger, Writer & Affiliate marketer. That’s me :)



  1. anonymous

    October 26, 2017 at 11:32 pm

    Why lucky patcher is not inlcuded in the list ?

    • Vikas Kumar

      October 28, 2017 at 7:38 am

      Thanks for your valuable comment. Actually, Lucky Patcher is very famous app so I thought why not tell users instead of Lucky Patcher.

      Well, I will add lucky patcher in this list soon.

      Thanks once again.

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