Top 5 Best Apps to Check Phone Specs in Android Smartphone

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Whenever someone asks you about your device details do you even get confused when it comes to the exact details. Well, then there are a lot of apps that would allow you to check the important information on your mobile phone.

Different smartphones have altogether different features. There are some features that you might not know actually exists. For such beneficial information these apps have been introduced. So that you are not ignorant to any of your mobile. 

These are some of the best designed apps that will not only give you the basic information about your device but also any other information like the storage of your device, its battery life or anything you would like to know.

Best Phone Specs Checker for Android

If you want to check phone specs then you must install below phone specs apps that will help you to view your phone specs easily.

#1. Phone Information

This app is a store of all the information of your phone from the battery level to the storage usage. You can get all the accurate information with the help of this app. It provides information about the device that is the model of your cell phone, serial number, its weight and dimensions. In case you have any doubts about your phone this app will clear it all. It has information about your camera, Wifi networks, also your Bluetooth support. You can even refer to this app if you want to see the internal storage of the app or the total or available memory of your phone.

#2. CPU-Z

In order to get information about your entire device you need to install this free app that will immediately give you all the details of your system on your screen. It will make you aware of the battery status, level and its capacity. However you cannot use it offline you need to have internet access in order to operate this app. It will give you the information about the internal space that has been covered by several apps along with the internal storage. In case of any abnormal functioning of the app you can view the settings screen on the next run.

#3. DevCheck System Info

If you require complete and accurate information about your hardware then DevCheck can help you in providing the information. It gives you details about the sensors, battery, camera and the entire operating system. It has various specifications about your camera which includes the size of the pixel, the focal length and other such features. It also provides a list of the devices running on your device and the amount of space being occupied by each app. Thus you can find detailed information about anything and everything about your device on this app.

#4. System Information

Your device has a lot of amazing features however you fail to notice the characteristics and details of each feature. This app provides the specifications about the various features of your phone like the battery usage, the network, the camera of your device, the brand name and temperature in Degrees or Celcius. Moreover, you can also get a detailed account of the various apps that have been downloaded in your cell phone. It also has an option of dark mode so that your eyes are not affected.

#5. My Device

It is one of the best device information apps which is used by many. This app looks into even the tiniest details of your mobile phone features be it the camera flash or the microphone of your device you will not be kept back from any information. Through this app you can frequently check upon your information as it presents you the updated information every time you check it. From network to storage to the CPU details everything is present in this app.


So if you want to sell your phone and need to know the specifications of your mobile phones then these apps are the most recommended apps that will help you. This will also help you analyse the performance of your mobile phone and would allow you to keep a constant check upon your device regarding its features or its hardware.

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