Top 5 Best Workout Apps for Android Users in 2020

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It is never late to begin exercise. Once you start your workout you will look better, and your body will be in shape. A healthy and fit body brings in more confidence within you. The first thing that comes to your mind is joining one of the best gyms. 

However, have you ever thought of doing your workouts at home? Well, then your smartphones are there to guide you and make you do the best workouts possible. You will not miss a single day without your workout. 

There are a bunch of home workout apps that will keep you moving even when you are unable to go to your gym. These apps consist of some of the best professional trainers that will train you to accomplish your fitness goals. 

Best Workout Apps in 2020

Below are the list of best workout apps for your Android smartphone that you can use it daily to workout with the help of workout app.

#1. FitOn – Free Fitness Workouts App

There are a lot of apps that charge you for using them. This is a free fitness app that would provide you with exciting workout classes that would help you achieve the fitness you aspire. You can have unlimited access to the different styles of exercises ranging from yoga, dance and pilates to cardio.

You will be guided by the top celebrity trainers for free of cost. You can follow personalized workout programmes for your health. You can personalize your gym at home by just turning on your mobile phones or laptops. The criteria of no subscriptions and no in-app purchases make it more approachable for the masses.

#2. Nike Training Club – Home workouts App

Searching for an ultimate personal trainer for guidance in your workouts, your search is over as this app will be the personal trainer you have been wanting. This app features the best Nike Master Trainers in every exercise. You can search for any workout in this app from strength and endurance to mobility and yoga.

An outstanding feature of this app is that you can do the workout anytime and it keeps a track of all your activities. You can get guidance from some of the best athletes like Christiano Ronaldo, Isaiah Thomas and also get tips from them to achieve your fitness goals. You can get the workout styles at all levels- beginner, intermediate and advanced.

#3. Workout for Women – Weight Loss Fitness

This app is specifically designed for women. It consists of just a 7 minute workout daily for women to achieve their fitness goals. This app is absolutely free and also scientifically proves to improve health in just 7- minutes if you follow it regularly. There are workouts designed specially for the women. You do not have to go to the gym or use any of the gym equipment in order to perform the workouts.

You can lose your belly fat in just a month if you do the workouts regularly. It has some of the spectacular features for women of all ages like the period tracker and also specific yoga and meditation for the various problems. You can refer for any of the workouts ranging from toning workout to butt workout.

#4. Gymondo: Fitness & Yoga App

All you need is 20 minutes to feel happy and fit. This seems to be impossible, isn’t it? But this app will make you feel fit and happy in just 20 minutes. It has some fun workouts along with a dietary chart that would contain all the recipes of healthy food. It has some of the best coaches who keep you motivated to achieve your goals.

It is highly flexible whether you are at work or at home or on some trip you can workout anywhere as the Gymondo app is available for you 24/7. The recipes provided by this makes it more effective and advantageous for reference 

#5. JEFIT Workout Tracker – Weight Lifting App

It is important to keep a track of your workout so that you can see the progress that you make in your workout session either at home or gym. This app is the best workout tracker that tracks your workout training regularly. From the strength to advanced bodybuilding, weightlifting to the stronglifts or the splits JEFIT app is the best for all of these.

It will help you to make progress from a beginner to an advanced lifter. Looking at the daily records of your workout will continuously motivate you towards your goals.


Workouts will now be more fun with these apps. There are a wide range of workouts for beginners as well as the advanced individual. They provide you with clear instructions so that you can perform your workouts in a correct manner without making any mistakes. It even prepares your diet for better health. 

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