Top 5 Best VPN Apps for Android to Hide Your Location/IP in 2020

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Security is very essential when it comes to information on your mobile phones. Especially your internet connections and the content you view online via your internet or Wifi. All of these need to be secured and unrestricted. Thus VPN apps are the ultimate protectors of your internet connections. 

Almost every mobile phone should have a VPN app to keep your identity anonymous while using the public internet connection of the Wifi. However, you have to make sure that the VPN apps are also trustworthy. Only then can it protect your phone.

Since there are a lot of cases where people have reported fake and dangerous VPN apps. Thus, the following are the best and the trustworthy VPN apps for you. 

Best VPN Android Apps in 2020

Below is the list of best VPN apps for Android smartphone in 2020. If you want to hide your location and IP address or want to open a restricted website in your country then you should use VPN apps.

#1. Turbo VPN

This app provides a high VPN speed absolutely free. It connects as fast as hare without any hindrances to unblock various sites and secure your wifi and hotspot. Turbo VPN protects all your network traffic under the Wifi and Browse in an anonymous manner so that it is not tracked down. You can receive a better and high-speed net connection with the help of this app. It has a lot of VPN cloud proxy servers that provide a better net so that you can enjoy the fast net connection and a better VPN service. This app keeps the highest security and hides your IP address from the hackers.

#2. Hola

A free app which provides the best VPN services and allows you to freely find any of the websites from all around the world. The service provided by Hola is absolutely free and helps you to unblock sites through the broad network services of this app. The only thing that the app requires is wifi when your device is not in use. It takes in some of your personal information like an email address or your IP address for the identification. All this data is used for providing the best services and creating a separate account for you. All your personal information is quite safe and secured along with providing stable services.

#3. Betternet VPN

It provides unlimited VPN services transforming your Wifi services into privacy network services. The ap keeps your identity absolutely anonymous so that you can access any of the sites securely without being tracked. You will not have to face the trouble of restriction any more as it hides your IP address and bypasses the internet censorship. Betternet will shield you from all the public Wifi risks and allow you to enjoy the fast and highly encrypted internet connection.

#4. Touch VPN

A highly recommended app for all your internet related problems is it protecting your internet services from hackers. It will keep you completely anonymous and allow you to access any of the sites without being identified. All your information might be tracked or intercepted via public Wifis which make it quite unsafe for use. With the help of Touch VPN, you can keep your information absolutely private and secure. It will immediately transform the insecure public wifi into a secured private one better. Moreover, you can enjoy the websites from any part of the world easily and quickly.

#5. Thunder VPN

No more limits or restrictions to your internet services as the Thunder VPN will provide you some of the best VPN services that would keep your internet safe and secure. There are very few ads and it does not require any permissions or registrations for enjoying the services of this app. You can operate the app with almost any of the services like Wifi, 3G, 4G or any of the carriers of the mobile data. It has a widespread acknowledgment and can be used by anyone as most of the servers available are absolutely free.


These VPN apps will provide a safe and secure internet connection. It will make sure that whatever you do is only limited to you. All these apps are user-friendly and work on almost all the Android devices. Now you can enjoy powerful security and buffer-free videos with a speedy connection because of these apps. So, do not delay and immediately install any of these apps and secure your mobile phones. 

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