Top 5 Best Video Conferencing Apps for Android in 2020

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With the introduction of smartphones connecting to people has become quite easier. There are so many mediums through which you can connect to different people like texts, calls or video calls. The introduction of video calls has almost removed the distance between the people. As you can talk to anyone face to face with the best video conferencing apps

Through these apps, you can connect to more than two people at the same time. Especially at this time when the world is under the threat of a fatal pandemic these apps are a boon. Most of the organizations are carrying on their work with the help of these video conferencing apps.

There are a lot of social media apps that allow you to make video calls. However, these apps are specially designed for conferences or meetings where a lot of people are involved. Thus, mentioned below are some of the best apps for this purpose. 

Best Video Conferencing Android Apps

If you are really looking for video meeting apps then you should download below apps and use them for conferencing with anyone.

#1. ZOOM App

ZOOM is a free meeting app that provides a high-quality video and connects you to almost 100 people at a time. Even though a lot of people are involved in the meeting you can get a clear picture of each and every member. You can easily invite your friends, family or colleagues. Moreover, you can share the photos, videos, web and other box files on the screen.

It allows you to join as an interactive participant or you can just be a part of it as a webinar attendee. Thus you can hold your meetings almost anywhere with a good internet connection. Joining the meeting is also very simple.

#2. Google Meet App

You can connect to your friends or colleagues from anywhere you want with the Google Meet. Moreover, you can keep your online meetings quite secured with the help of this app. It offers you HD videos. You can invite all your friends just by sharing the link and with one tap people can join in the meeting.

The documents, slides and more can be screen shared via this app. There are no risks of your accounts being hacked or the stranger joining the meetings as it is highly encrypted.

#3. GoToMeeting App

You can now carry on your meetings on time even when you are out for some other work or on the road stuck in traffic. You can join the meetings easily even without signing up. You can also sync your calendar to your mobile in order to join the meetings with a single tap. The feature of Commuter mode saves 90% of your data when you join the meeting.

It has the best video and audio quality. You can even set up the links for your upcoming meetings and join them on the specific dates. It alerts you as soon as your meeting is about to start so that you can attend it on time.

#4. Cisco Webex Meetings App

You can not only hold your meetings via this app but also any event or your training session. It allows you to share the screen with everyone present in the meeting. You can schedule your meetings via this app.

Thus you can join the meetings in future directly from the calendar. It also allows you to put up the video layouts and you can even share your recording or voice commands with others present.

#5. BlueJeans Video Conferencing App

You can hold up a meeting with more than 100 people in a simplified manner. It offers you high quality videos and audios. Manage your meetings smoothly and without much efforts on the app.

Set up your meetings on your calendar so that you can join your meetings on the specified dates with just one tap. It also provides you the safe drive mode which will allow you to hold meetings distraction-free even on the roads. You can even share your content with everyone in a meeting.


These video conferencing apps are quite convenient when it comes to an official meeting. Sometimes, even when you are late for your office you can conduct a meeting on time with the help of these apps. There are a lot of features that allow efficient video conferencing. Not only official meetings but you can even have a fun family get together at the times when you cannot meet and enjoy. 

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