Top 5 Best Torrent Downloader Apps for Android to Download Torrent

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You can get almost any kind of files on torrent. You might always not get the necessary files or your favourite audios or videos everywhere. In order to prevent size or speed limits, you need some of the best torrent downloader apps

However you need to be quite carefully before you refer to any of the torrent sites, but only a few works legally. Thus, referring only to those sites will be quite secure and it has some of the best features that would make your downloads quite faster and easier. 

However, you do not have to worry about which of the apps are good for you. As the following torrent downloader apps have been mentioned below for your convenience.

Best Torrent Downloader Android Apps in 2020

If you want to download torrent apps in your smartphone and use it to download torrent files then you should use following torrent downloader apps in your Android smartphone.

#1. uTorrent App

The beautifully designed app that allows you to save your files directly to the device. You can download videos or music of any size as there are no limits to the size of the files. You can download your files at the fastest speed via this app. You can download movies, music or videos absolutely free. Moreover, it even has the feature of translating the language for the videos. You can download several files in your torrent without much affecting the storage of your device.

#2. BitTorrent App

You can easily download your music and videos via this app. There are various features which make this app quite appropriate for downloading the files. You download anything be it movies or music or videos without any limits. No more waiting for hours to download particular music or videos as this app will download it in no time. All your downloaded files can be seen on your music library or your media as it has quick access to it. You can experience the best music and video quality with this app.

#3. Flud App

This app has numerous features which makes it more accessible. You can select as many files for download as you want as it will automatically download all your files in a sequential manner. Moreover, the movies or the music that you download are immediately moved to your device after download. However, you can download the files only if you have access to Wifi. You do not have to worry about the size of your file as you can download the files without any limits on the size. It is highly encrypted which keeps it away from any kind of hackers or peers.

#4. FrostWire App

You can now enjoy high-quality movies and music albums with the help of this app. It quickly downloads whatever file you want. You can also open any of the torrent videos via the torrent links. You can either save your files directly to the device or keep it stored in the app. It allows you to download the files only if the Wifi connection is available. You can even share videos or music with your friends so that they can enjoy the best videos and music albums.

#5. TorrDroid App

You can search for any of your favourite music albums or videos or movies to download through this app. It also allows you to open the torrent files directly or its links. You can download the torrents at the fastest speed. Moreover, sequential downloading allows you to view the video or music even while it is being downloaded. You do not have to keep on managing the downloads or wait for the next download. You can just select the files for download and torrent can do the rest of the work. Thus the TorrDroid allows you to download multiple files simultaneously without any limitations.


You can completely manage all your downloads with the help of these torrent downloader apps. As these apps allow you to specify the time limits within which you can download your files or any other content. Moreover, you can easily share any of your files with these apps. The best part is there are no speed limits, it downloads the app as fast as possible. 

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