Top 5 Best Selfie Camera Apps for Android in 2020

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Well nowadays, there is hardly anyone who does not snap selfies. Anywhere you go be it a family function or a simple dinner you can see everyone trying to capture that perfect selfie. Capturing a perfect selfie is not that difficult with the best selfie camera apps.

You will get a bunch of options or rather tools that would enhance your pictures making it the best shot. No one would be able to compete with your perfect selfies taken on these apps.

Each of these apps has its own unique features that will make you obsessed with your selfies. You will have the best experience in this trend of selfies with these selfie camera apps. 

Best Selfie Camera Android App

Below is the list of best camera selfie app for Android smartphone user. If you want to be selfie expert or searching for best selfie app then you should use below selfie camera app.

#1. Cymera Camera – Collage, Selfie Camera App

Cymera Camera is a selfie camera app for applying beautiful effects to the selfies. It offers you plenty of filters according to the occasion- new year filters, Christmas eve filter or certain filters to remove your acne or blemishes. These filters add on an overall different effect to your pictures making it more glamorous in appearance.

It also allows you to make a collage of some of your best pictures with amazing backgrounds, frames and stickers. It can be considered as your virtual make-up artist that will make you look flawless.

#2. B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera App

B612 is the most recommended selfie app for your perfect selfie click. It has some cute and hilarious facial recognition stickers that can turn you into a cute rabbit or a diva. It has some of the realistic effects that would make your picture look unedited and a perfect click.

You can even create videos of your pictures on this app by putting all your favourite clicks together and adding high-quality music from your playlist or from the suggestions of the app. You can even make some outstanding boomerang videos that you would love to play on loop. If you are dissatisfied with any of your earlier clicks just take out that picture from the gallery and recreate it on B612. 

#3. YouCam Perfect – Best Selfie Camera App

Youcam Perfect is the camera of perfection. It is the best beauty camera app which can help you get some of the glamorous clicks. You can moreover edit even the slightest flaw in your picture with the help of this app. It has all the features that you require for your photo editing- filters, stickers, face touch up and many more.

Click some of the simple selfies and turn them into creative masterpieces with the help of filters and other features. You can even hide out the photobombers from your pictures which would make it much better.

#4. BeautyPlus – Easy Photo Editor

BeautyPlus allows you to increase your beauty to a level higher than it is in reality. It has some of the magic brushes that add a glow to your face. Moreover, using this app is not at all complicated. You can simply click on the different features and edit your dull picture into the best selfie to be posted in social media.

Sometimes you might not get someone who would click your picture. This app will solve this problem for you as well. It has a timer-set for clicking a selfie without holding your phone in your hands. Edit your picture in a professional way with the BeautyPlus. 

#5. Sweet Selfie – Photo Editor App

Sweet Selfie is a combination of a photo editor and a beauty camera with some of the unique features like makeup effects, blurring the background of the pictures, a retouch to your body making it a perfect body. It is one of the top selfie camera apps which has also got its recognition in Google. It not only makes your face look beautiful but also your body. This app acts as a small makeup kit in your mobile phones as you can add blusher, re-correct your eyebrows and also allow you to add a specific lip shade. You can turn even a simple no-makeup look to a diva look with the help of Sweet selfie app.


You can level up your selfie game with these apps. The various features of these apps will bring out your natural beauty and enhance your features. You can easily master the art of taking selfies with these selfie apps and be a social media buzz with your flawless selfies. 

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