Top 5 Best Science Apps for Android to Learn More About Science

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Well, most of the things in this world are directly or indirectly related to science. Almost anything you do might have a scientific explanation to it. However, not many people have the essential knowledge about this field. What people are aware of is the basics of science.  To enhance your knowledge in science there are a lot of science apps available.

Now you do not have to look for particular books in order to gain scientific knowledge, having any one of the science apps will make the task quite easier for you. 

For the best guidance in science these are some of the best apps that you should refer to. These apps will help you bring the sciences to life. All the aspects of science is covered via these apps. 

Best Science Android Apps in 2020

Below are the best science apps for your smartphone. You can utilize these apps to explore in the science world and learn something new facts about science. Let’s download any science apps for your phone.

#1. NASA App

Nasa app is the official app launched by the well-known organization NASA. You can be a part of NASA explorations with the help of this app as it gives you the latest information about the missions and the images and videos related to it. You can read all the latest news and features about NASA on this app. Moreover, through its HDEV experiment, you can also watch live streaming videos. You can even get quick access to your favourite images. The app also provides you with the maps and links to all of the NASA visitors. Thus with this app, you can be a part of NASA activities even at your home.

#2. Science Journal App

Science Journal, an initiative by Google #ScienceJournal

Science journal is one of the best apps for science students as it acts as a digital science notebook. You can keep all your science notes, experiments and photos safe at one place with the help of this app. The sensors of your phone help you in measuring the light, sound and motion. You can even record your data and save your notes in a particular format. You will no longer require your notebooks for your science notes or experiments; all you need is your smartphone which will be an ultimate tool for everything be it forming graphs or listening to the movements of the graphs via sonification.

#3. HiPER Scientific Calculator App

You cannot make use of your normal calculator for scientific experiments. This is an excellent scientific calculator which will make your science calculations quite easier. You can even enter the numbers in the form of fractions or can convert it to fractions. It is suitable for any of the devices as it has layouts for each of the devices be it- pocket, compact, and expanded. The various features of this app will help you achieve the correct answers to your scientific problems. It also has a result history so that you can refer to the previous solutions.

#4. ISS Live Now App

Introducing ISS onLive

You can get a live view of the Earth through your homes on this app. Space or astronomy lovers then this app is the best for them. You can get the direct view of the Earth in HD quality just like the astronauts do. You can even zoom in, rotate or tilt your maps on the screen and can even choose a specific map. The app also allows you to get information about various space activities. Space documentaries, images and videos from NASA TV is also available on this app.

#5. Visual Science App

Visual science app will make your learning of science a fun activity for you. It consists of all the videos related to astronomy and tries to explain each and every concept visually. It is often noted that people tend to learn fast if they are taught various things visually. Thus, this app covers a large number of topics for you to learn. This app tries to make you learn by turning your way of learning into a game. It contains several missions under each content as you pass each of the missions you can get access to the other one.


These apps will make you fall in love with science. These apps can turn any of your boring lessons into fun. Be it physics, chemistry or biology you can get knowledge about anything you want. Science is not just limited to a few topics it is as wide as an ocean. These apps will allow you to dive into that ocean and be inspired by the fascinating facts or the events that occur all around the world. 

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