Top 5 Best Road Trip Apps for Android in 2020

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Who doesn’t love travelling, everyone has a dream to travel the world. But, how will you travel if you don’t know the way to your destination? Thus, proper planning before any of your trips is a must. For this assurance, there are some of the best road trip apps for your assistance. 

These apps offer you plenty of facilities that will make your planning quite easy and your travelling absolutely fun. There are a lot of things that you need to make sure before you begin your journey.

For a comfortable and best trip, these are some of the best apps. It will completely prepare you for the trip, starting from packing your bags up all the way to your destination without any problems.

Best Road Trip Android Apps

Do you love going on trip? Below is the list of road trips apps for you. You should download these trip app in your Android smartphone that will be helpful in your journey.

#1. Waze

If you want to reach your destination on the correct time without being confused by the multiple streets coming in your way then you can easily do it with the Waze app. This app has some of the amazing features like alerting you about the traffic and changing your route in case of immense traffic. It also has a speedometer which ensures that you are driving at a correct speed in case of the exceeded speed limit you will be warned by the speedometer. It also helps you to know the cheapest gas station in your route and also gives you an estimated time within which you can reach your destination. This app will prepare you to drive safely with amazing guidance.

#2. Android Auto

One of the smartest driving companions you can easily travel to your destination with the Google Assistant. All you have to do is say Ok Google along with the name of the destination you desire to reach. It will immediately bring up the routes and the estimated time within which you will reach. It also supports the media apps like Spotify, Pandora and other such apps which you can listen to while travelling. You can even make calls using your Google Assistant or receive the incoming calls with just a tap.

#3. Pack Point

There are a lot of things that you have to pack up in your luggage before you set out for your destination. However, from amongst such a huge list of items you always tend to forget something or the other. PackPoint will help you in memorising all the items that you need to carry along. It is an app specially designed for organizing the packing list. It will guide you in packing and help you to know the things you should carry according to your destination and the weather conditions there. Once your list is ready it is saved in PackPoint and you can even add or remove the items later while packing your luggage.

#4. GasBuddy

To travel anywhere you need to have adequate fuel in your vehicle so that you can travel smoothly without any obstacles. However, you are quite uncertain about gas and fuel prices and always want to purchase the cheapest. GasBuddy will be your friend and guide in saving your money on fuels and gases by telling you where the cheapest and the nearest gas station lies in your route. You can even filter your search by mentioning the location and the prices. You can always save some amount by joining Pay with GasBuddy.

#5. DailyRoads Voyager

Capturing the moments while travelling and keeping it as memories are very significant. However have you ever tried capturing or recording the video of the routes you are taking to travel. DailyRoads Voyager will help you record the routes so that you can use it for future reference. These video evidence can be of great help incase of accidents, insurance frauds or police abuse. It has the feature of automatically capturing the picture at the time defined by the user. Moreover your video can be recorded continuously with a high quality and one of the best sound quality. The street address of the protected videos are easily determined by it. It has several such features which make it accessible by a large number of people.


Road trips aren’t easy, sometimes you get lost within the labyrinth of several similar looking roads. These apps will save you from getting lost and guide you towards the correct destination. It even informs you about the traffic hurdles that you might face on your way thus suggesting you another way of reaching your destination as soon as possible without being late. 

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