Top 5 Best Podcast Apps for Android (Listen & Host Podcast) in 2020

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Podcasts are a great source of information in this technical world. There are a lot of people who prefer to listen to the varieties of podcasts instead of music. They tend to gain a lot of knowledge from these podcasts. For such podcast fans, some of the best podcast apps have been introduced.

These apps will offer you a variety of unique podcasts which you would not get anywhere. You can even browse or save your favourite podcast on the app. There are some podcast apps designed especially for iOS and some for Android. 

These apps are some of the best podcast apps which have an amazing collection of podcasts. You will never be disappointed with these apps as it will provide you with the best. 

Best Podcast Android Apps in 2020

Below is the list of the best podcast to host and listen podcast. Many people used to listen to the podcast to improve their life and add meaning in their lives through stories, case study and interviews.

#1. Spotify – Listen to New Podcasts

Spotify – it is a free app where you can listen to a variety of amazing and beautifully composed songs and podcasts. You can find all the trending music albums and podcasts on Spotify. You will get a list of podcasts on this app which you won’t be able to find in any of the apps. You can make your choice of music even according to your favourite artist, Spotify will never disappoint you in any of your music choices.

The best part is that it provides such features absolutely free for you. There are certain premium features as well which would provide more amazing features like listening to the songs offline and you would also get a personalized music experience which no other app would provide.

#2. Podcast Addict

Podcast addict is an amazing podcast app on Android with millions of downloads. By using this app, You can manage podcast, radio, audiobook, live stream, YouTube, SoundCloud channels and RSS News feeds from a single app. You are allowed to listen to podcast from a listed podcast from millions of podcasts and episodes which you can browse by searching and categories wise.

#3. Google Podcasts – Discover Trending Podcasts

Google Podcasts – there are some unique podcasts that you can hear on this app for free. It also recommends some of the shows and episodes which you might love to watch. You can listen to the song at even a faster speed skipping the pauses wherever you want.  It also allows you to track down your listening history, downloads and subscriptions. You can even search for the trending shows, news and sports. You can also search for your favourite podcasts easily on the Google Podcasts.

#4. Castbox – Podcast Player & Podcast App

Castbox – you can discover your favourite podcasts on the Castbox and even save it for listening to the most loved ones on a repetitive basis. This app is specially designed for podcast listeners. It not only allows you to listen to the music podcasts but also has a variety of other podcasts like – the news and politics podcasts, sports podcasts, technology, games, hobbies and even business-related broadcasts.

There is hardly any category which the Castbox will not provide you. Thus it can be the best partner that you can have for any of the matters from entertainment to politics. It will always keep you updated.

#5. Podbean – Podcast App & Podcast Player

Podbean – it is considered as the top podcast player app where you can listen to all the trendy podcasts from amongst the millions of podcasts present in the app. You can even download your favourite podcasts absolutely free at any time and anywhere.

It provides you with the customizable playlists and  features like audio live streaming, intelligent speed, volume boost and many such magnificent features. You can even subscribe to your favourite podcast channels or choose the audio books of the bestsellers for free. It will regularly keep you updated by providing notifications for recent podcasts.


If you are a fan of this medium of information then you should definitely have a look at the above apps and download any of it. All of the above apps are the best and has some of the best features that will completely startle you. From now on you will not miss any of the trending podcasts as these apps will offer you all of it. 

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