Top 5 Best Password Manager App for Android in 2020

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Each and every mobile phone are locked with certain passwords or pins to keep it secured. Not only are there passwords for your lock screen, but some even lock their apps with different passwords. Moreover, there might be passwords for your vaults or your credit card numbers. But is it easy for you to remember so many numbers or passwords at once? 

The first thing that you would rush towards is a piece of paper to note down all the passwords. However, a piece of paper could get into the hands of anyone. Thus there are various apps specially designed for your passwords to be stored. 

These apps act as a vault for your passwords. You can keep all your passwords secure in these apps. Moreover, only you will have access to these apps. Thus no more, facing the problem of forgetting your passwords as this.

Best Password Manager App 2020

Below are password manager apps for your Android smartphone. You can use these apps to manage your password and access from any device.

#1. Keeper

Do you always forget your passwords, due to which you are unable to login to particular sites? The keeper will manage all your passwords and keep it safe and secured. All your personal information will be safe in this digital vault. You can easily make it a storehouse of your passwords. It keeps all the hackers away by creating some unique passwords.

You can more frequently change your passwords with the help of Keeper instead of using the same passwords over a long period of time. This is however not just an app for securing the passwords but also for keeping important documents, files or photos secured and private into an encrypted vault.

#2. Password safe

one of the best ways to secure and store your password is through this password manager app. It manages all your passwords quite efficiently and does not require any internet connection for its working. You can not only store your passwords here but also important or confidential documents and pictures in this app. In order to access this vault of sensitive materials, you can keep a single password for this app.

In case your passwords get deleted you can retrieve it back as the Password safe has an auto-backup feature. Thus note down your passwords on this app and forget about it only access it once you need it.

#3. 1Password

this is the right place for all your passwords. Just insert in your collection of passwords and leave the rest on the 1Password to manage. It organizes all your passwords in a correct manner so that you can easily search for it according to the names of the apps or websites. You can also create multiple vaults for string different information in different vaults, this would avoid any kind of confusion.

You can even keep an app lock for this app to ensure that your data is completely safe. It is highly encrypted and the encryption keys keep all your passwords safe in your device so that only you can see it.

#4. LastPass

If you note down your passwords on a paper or in a diary you will always be insecure about it with the fear that it might be known to others if they get hold of that paper. LastPass locks up all your passwords safely. You can use your LastPass for any of the things ranging from storing the passwords, creating your online shopping profile to tracking down the personal information and generating unique passwords.

You no more have to reset your passwords again and again just install the LastPass app and keep your passwords absolutely secured and private. Not only your passwords or important files but you can also keep your credit card numbers or insurance numbers secured in this highly encrypted vault.  

#5. Bitwarden

Easily keep all your logins and passwords stored in this app and access it whenever and wherever you want. Instead of being under the threat of password theft use Bitwardem and save your websites and apps from being attacked by hackers. Moreover, it helps you to reset new passwords so that your passwords are not stolen by anyone risking all your securities.

You can sync this app with your computer, phones or tablets and access it from any of it. Your passwords and other information are so secure that not even the Bitwarden team gets to know it. This app is like applying several locks to the room so that none can enter it except you. 


All these apps are specially designed to manage all your passwords for you. Be it your login passwords of the social sites or your passwords for the Applock, these apps will keep it all safe and secure. Now, you will not memorize your passwords because these apps are there to memorize it for you. 

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