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Top 5 Best Online Free Cloud Storage Services


Top 5 Best Online Free Cloud Storage Services

Earlier when you thought about taking backup of your data, so many options come into your mind like pen drive, hard drive etc. But nowadays with the advancement in technology, everyone starts moving towards online storage. This is an ideal choice of taking backup if we compare it with other storage devices. Cloud storage services maintain and manage the data and make it accessible to the user over the internet under a utility computing model.

Cloud service model delivers scalable, flexible and extra essential storage capacity through the web services application programming interface. Storage service providers host and manage the cloud storage services. There are three storage service models available for users. The models are public, private and hybrid cloud storage service. One can decide and choose any one of the models that are right for them. If you want Cloud storage for your device then you must read best cloud storage app for Android.


Free/Paid Cloud Storage Services

Below are best cloud storage services for free. And you can upgrade the plan for extra features.

#1. Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage services available today from Google. You can store and share photos, stories, drawing, designs, videos and recording on this backup service. The Google Drive offers 15 GB of online storage for the users. The user can access their file from any tablet, computer, and smartphone. This does not just store users file but also allow you to access free web-based applications for creating presentations, spreadsheets, and documents etc. Google Drive offers secure socket layer encryption to protect the user data. The backup service includes feature scanning and offline operations. The user can also scan their documents using Google Drive.

#2. OneDrive

One Drive is one of the old and best online backup services from Microsoft. This online service integrates with Microsoft office so the user can access word, excels and PowerPoint documents in OneDrive. This allows the user to edit Office documents, edit documents in browsers, create and share folder simultaneously. It offers 25 GB of free storage space and the user can also expand it by purchasing online. OneDrive Gives a lots of features to the users including Facebook integration, automatic camera roll backup and the ability for users to email slide shows. It has Data Loss Prevention capability that helps the user to identify, monitor and protect sensitive information.

#3. DropBox

Dropbox is a downloadable desktop application that runs on Windows, MAC, and Linux operating system. This is an online backup service that allows file sharing and collaboration. This is the home for user’s photos, documents, videos, and files. The user can access their stuff from anywhere because anything you add to Dropbox will automatically show up on phones, computer and Dropbox It makes easy to share files and documents with others whether you are a student or professional. Your stuff will always be safe even if you have lost your phone or accidental breakdown. 500 million people around the world using this online backup service for safe and fast storage.

Dropbox provides 2 gigabytes of free storage space for the user. This allows the user to connect their professional and personal dropboxes. The feature selective synchronization allows you to choose which folder you want to synchronize with your computer and which you would like to store online.

#4. Box

Box is also one of the cloud storage and collaboration solutions that allow the user to access their files and documents anywhere, anytime, on any device. This allows the user to create and manage their files from any accessible online portal. The service is beneficial for professional as the user can collaborate with the colleagues on documents created in Microsoft Office, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. This serves as a secure content repository for all files, presentations, documents for business purpose. This allows the user to navigate and modify the content stored on the box website through computer native file browsing interface without using a web browser. The online backup service also allows the user to keep their Box note in one place and anything the user create in the app will automatically synchronize with the user’s online box account.

#5. iCloud

iCloud is a storage and data synchronization subscription service by Apple Computer Inc. The iCloud allows the user to store documents, videos, photos, music and other data online. This online backup service is a hybrid cloud solution that combines infrastructure and software services. The services provided by iCloud enables the user to add, remove and synchronize typical data files, and bookmarks on selected Apple device. It includes a feature “Find my phone” which enables the user to track, access and edit the content on their iPod, iPhone, and Mac remotely. This online backup service automatically uploads a photo to cloud storage taken from a photo stream enabled device. iCloud offers 5 GB of free storage and user can also enhance the storage capacity by purchasing on the monthly or yearly basis.



I hope you enjoyed with the list of free Cloud storage services. If you are using any other cloud storage website then let us know in comment section. and also share this list with your friends.

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