Top 5 Best News App for Latest News Report for Android Mobile

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Earlier days, People watched TV or listen to Radio to get different types of news after that newspaper came in the main role and people got complete news with the help of the newspaper. But due to the continuous invention of technology, people are getting a lot of different ways to get news.

Now people do not want to get news on TV, radio and even Newspaper. They want news on their hands and Android mobile is that device that can provide news in hands. There is a lot of best news app for Android and we only have to install them, if we want to read complete news in our Smartphone.

Today, we are here to inform you that which new app is best for your android mobile and we will also tell you which News app provides all types of news. So stays tuned with us and have a look on given free news apps for Android smartphone.

Best News App for Android Device

Below are hand picked free news apps list on the basis of its popularity and rating. Lets see best news app for android.

#1. Google News & Weather App

As its name itself suggest that this news app is developed by Google and we all know that Google is one of the famous search engines in the internet world. This Google news App for android covered news from 75,000 publications. It means that it provides all type of news. With the help of this app, you will immediately get latest or trending news. Google news app is also getting good reviews and star rating from its fans. Billions of fans have been already installed this news app in their android mobile and enjoying their interesting news.

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#2. Dailyhunt App (Known as Newshunt)

Dailyhunt/Newshunt app is one of the most famous apps in Google play store. I think, in most of the android mobiles you will find this news app for android. Whenever you talk about a news app with your friend then you will only one reply i.e. Daily hunt. This is one of the most popular news android apps. It supports different languages other than English and Hindi like Telugu, Tamil and much more. Users have given wonderful reviews and rating to this outstanding News app for android. You can easily download this app free of cost but do not forget to give reviews after download.

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#3. Flipboard

You will find this new app in most of the Samsung Android mobile because it installs during manufacturing of mobile. This news apps for android look like a magazine and people really like such news app for their android mobile. If you are reading the sports-related news then this app automatically provide more sports news on your mobile. ON front page of this app, you will get trending or latest news of all the categories. You can easily come to know which news is latest and important. So don’t waste your time just use Flipboard news app for android mobile and enjoy a storm of news.

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#4. News Republic

It is also good news apps for those who want breaking news in their Android mobile. This news Republic app also offers HTC’s Blinkfeed and you can easily news your interesting news. This app saves your last news and provides more news related to that news so that you can get complete details about that particular news. Users have given positive reviews and rating to this app.

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#5. Pocket News App

This app is the best place for those who want to read the latest news immediately in their mobile and want to save them. This app provides news from different websites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and much more. If you are looking for lightweight and simple news app for android then this can be the best choice for you. This app also provides a link from which particular news it has taken so that if you want to read that again then you can easily find it. Even you can also share any particular news with your friends on different social networking sites. So it is also capable to get a place in top news app for the android mobile list.


So these are top and best news app for android user. If you are using any other news app in your smartphone then let us know in comment section.

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