Top 5 Best Mutual Fund Apps for the Best Investment in 2020

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One of the easiest ways to grow your money in the long term is making an investment in mutual funds. Although a lot hesitate before making an investment. But a large number of people prefer to invest their money in mutual funds and increase their amount without much effort. To make these investments even simpler some of the best mutual fund apps have been introduced.

These apps are quite beneficial as you do not have to go anywhere or search for the best place to make an investment. As it will be just on your fingertips. All you have to do is open your app and make a choice of your investment.

There are more than a hundred mutual fund apps in your play store. In order to make your work much easier, the following list of best mutual fund apps has been suggested. 

Best Mutual Fund Android Apps

Below are the list of best Android apps for mutual fund investment. If you want to invest your money in good place then mutual fund will be best option for you. So, Install these mutual fund apps in your Android smartphone.

#1. Groww

Groww: Highest rated mutual fund app

You have to face a lot of problems while making investments for mutual funds from bundles of paperwork to searching here and there for best investment schemes. Groww app has made investments much easier. You can search and make any of the investments just by sitting at home and opening this app. You can invest in direct mutual funds and SIP without paying any commissions and absolutely free. You can even earn up to 1.5% or more returns. It has a collection of the mutual funds recommended by the experts from which you can make a choice. This app has been designed keeping in mind both the beginners and advanced people. Thus, switch to direct investments from regular investments just by installing Groww.

#2. Coin by Zerodha

Now you can easily choose the best funds to invest in with this app in seconds. It is less complex and saves you from spending unwanted amounts on the commissions. This app will provide you with detailed information of any of the schemes you select for investment. You can even save your taxes by making an investment in ELSS funds. Moreover, you do not have to wait for making any kind of payment. It can be done instantly with the help of UPI payments. You can even modify the SIPs anytime and anywhere without any hassles. Thus it is quite flexible to approach for your mutual funds investment.

#3. Paytm Money

You can easily create an investment account online on Paytm Money in just a few minutes and receive ample of benefits. You can find the assistance of some of the best mutual funds companies on this app. You can get the best advice from the experts keeping in mind all the risks, not only do you receive advice from the Paytm Money team but also from the team of the best mutual funds company. It offers you a variety of schemes for making direct investments. In order to stay updated from time to time on your investments track down your SIPs on a regular basis throughout the day. It also presents an option of insta-redemption funds where you can withdraw your amount at any time you want without any penalties. 

#4. myCams

Make your investments in mutual funds smarter and faster with this app which presents you with a great deal and has some of the most versatile features of setting up the SIPs, creating new folios, purchasing, redeeming and other such features. It is quite a secure app to use as it does not store any of the information on your device. It allows you to simplify all your login details so that you face no problem in the login process. myCams aims at maintaining the highest security of your information thus it has the two-factor authentication feature. You can even schedule your transactions for the future. Thus you can get all the facilities in one app. 


Earn Extras on Investments too!

Make the best investments in this app absolutely free. You can track down all your investments and also your expenses as per the categorizations. This app not only helps you in making investments in mutual funds but also allows you to manage your utility bills effortlessly. All you credit card bills and utility bills can be viewed on this app so that you can never forget your bill payments. The payment options are also quite flexible as you can easily transfer money through Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm or such other online money-transaction apps. You can even track down your returns on the investments and can even buy various insurances for your welfare. 


With these apps you can invest from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is create your own account and begin the procedure as instructed in the app. You can even gain assistance from the experts regarding your investment. Moreover, you can even save the amount spent on commission as it will not be required if you invest via these apps. 

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