Top 5 Best Music Player Apps for Android Mobile Users in 2020

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No matter in what mood you are sad, happy, angry, you will automatically play your favourite music. Music has the power to change the entire scenario as it brings relief to the soul. There are some of the best music player apps that will offer you some of the best music. 

As rightfully said by Friedrich Nietzsche- ‘ Without music, life would be a mistake’. You can now get any of the music you want as there are a lot of apps being introduced, some allow you to listen to the music for free and for some you got to pay a subscription. 

These are some of the best music apps where you can not only listen to the trending music but some of it also supports the global radio stations. No more hunting for the best music apps as here are some of it. 

Best Music Player Android Apps in 2020

Below is the list of best music and audio player apps for your Android smartphone. If you don’t like your default mp3 player then you can download below music player in your phone.

#1. Pi Music Player – Free Music Player App

Pi Music Player- music is the ultimate relief for most of people. It immediately lightens your mood. Pi Music Player is one of the best music player apps available on the play store. This app will enable you to save your favourite music and share it with your friends and family. It has a unique feature of a ringtone cutter which will help you to set the favourite part of the music as your ringtone.

There are stunning backgrounds which make listening to music fancier. Moreover, you can listen to music even while using other apps like WhatsApp, Messenger or Twitter. The best part of this app is that it does not use up much of the phone battery.

#2. VLC for Android

VLC for Android Kodi

VLC for Android- you can use this media player to play all your multimedia files along with discs, devices and any of the videos or audio files. You might have a lot of audio or video files with weird formats which you cannot play on any other app.

This app will allow you to play any such files easily and without any obstacles. Along with such advantages, this app also does not have in-app-purchases and is totally free to use. Moreover, there are no ads or spying which makes it completely safe to use.

#3. Pulsar Music Player – Mp3 Player App

Pulsar Music Player-  it is considered as the best music player app where you can listen to your favourite songs even offline. All your musical needs are fulfilled by the app. From featuring gapless playback to adjusting the play speed Pulsar offers you everything you need for a piece of perfect music.

It gets updated automatically and all the new tracks are added to it as and when it is released. Even your wish to know the lyrics of your favourite music is fulfilled by the app as it provides you with the music lyrics as well. The songs are translated into 36 languages so that everyone can enjoy this app for music.

#4. Music Player – Audio Player App

Music Player- it is one of the most recommended apps for android users. It supports all the formats and listening to songs on this app will provide you with one of the best musical experiences. It has certain equalizers like bass boost, reverb effects and many such features which make your music more exciting and fun.

Apart from MP3 other formats like MIDI, WAV, AAC etc are supported by the app. You can shuffle your songs or listen to them in the loop, this app will provide you with all the facilities. It allows you to change the songs even from your lock screen. Moreover, you can select a song and set it as your ringtone as well.

#5. AIMP – Music & Audio Player

AIMP- it does not have an inbuilt music library. Moreover, you can even listen to the internet radio and it has many other features like sleep timer, balance control and playback speed control. You can also mix music together and form a medley of music.

This app has all the features that would allow you to listen to music without any obstacles and according to your suitability.


Thus be it under a hot shower or in an amazing bachelor party, play some of the trending music and cherish your day. With these music apps, you can have an altogether different playlist that would be admired even by your friends. So immediately install these apps and completely stand out from others.

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