Top 5 Best Messenger & Chat Apps for Android Smartphone in 2020

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Gone are the days when SMS or MMS were used as the only medium of communicating. There has been an introduction of several options for communicating with your friends and family. The news apps have been introduced designed especially for chatting and sending messages. 

All these apps will instantly connect you to your loved ones and colleagues. You do not have to wait for weeks or days for a single reply. They offer a lot of advanced features that makes your communication quite easier and fun.

The following are the most recommended messenger and chat apps that will keep all your information absolutely secured and facilitates other forms of communication like video calls or audio calls via these apps.

Best Best Messenger & Chat Android Apps

Below is the best chat and messenger apps for Android smartphone. You should install below apps in your mobile and start chatting with friends and family.

#1. Whatsapp App

We are living in a virtual world were chatting, sharing information is done primarily through our smartphones. Whatsapp is one of the widely used and influential instant messaging applications used for this purpose. With the availability of a suitable internet connection, one can easily share videos, audios and images within a fraction of a second. Contacting relatives or friends living far off has also become easier with the video call facility of the app.

Most of the users state Whatsapp as a user-friendly application as it is free of advertisements popping in between. Information and important notices can now be reached to many people in a group chat just by pressing a button. Furthermore, keeping in mind the safety and security of its users, the live tracking feature allows sharing one’s exact location with friends and family.

#2. Telegram App

Telegram app sends your messages and videos in no time. It can connect you to anyone worldwide. You do not have to worry about the size or type of your files or messages as you can send the messages without any limits. Your chats can be stored in the Telegram for as long as you want without acquiring much of your mobile space. The best feature of this app is that you can create a group chat of more than 1000 members. This is a free app and does not show any ads or create any kind of disturbances in your messages.

#3. Snapchat

Snapchat app is a fun app to share and send messages. You can click some of the amazing pictures via snapchat as it provides you with a bunch of beautiful filters. This app does not have any profile pictures instead it has the feature of bitmoji where you can create your own funny or amazing bitmojis according to your choice. You can share some of the marvellous stickers with your friends on Snapchat. You can even video chat with more than 10 people at once. It also saves all your snaps from past years and allows you to send those memories to your friends.

#4. Viber Messenger

Viber Messenger is a free app which only requires a good internet connection and then you can use it for several purposes. You can make free international calls and send messages to your friends at the fastest speed. No more buffering in your video chats as it provides the high-quality video chat feature. Not only can you have a good video call but also a clear audio call via Viber. Moreover, all your chats and calls are highly encrypted and are restricted only between you and your receiver.  It also has a feature of self-destruction of the secret messages so that once the recipient reads the message it is deleted from his phone.

#5. Kik App

Make your communications easier and connect with a large number of people via Kik. it does not require any of your phone numbers just a username chosen by you is enough to use this app smoothly. You can meet new people via this app and make new friends who might share interests similar to you. You can even share videos, pictures or games with this app. Moreover, it also allows you to chat with all your friends at the same time through the group chat feature.


You can chat on these apps while doing any of your work. Even while you are talking on calls you cam operate these apps. Nowadays, people love texting more than talking on phone calls. Not only chatting but it also allows you to share videos or photos with your friends and family. You will not feel any distance even if you are far off as these apps have everything you need to bring you close. 

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