Top 5 Best Meditation Apps for Android Smartphone Users in 2020

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For you to stay fit and healthy the first thing that you need to achieve is the calmness within you. The human mind is always under some sort of stress, whether it is at work or something related to your family and friends. This stress may gradually make you physically unhealthy. Meditation is what you need to do every day. These are the list of some best meditation apps that will guide you. 

Meditation seems to be quite easy but it is not. Concentrating for a long time on your body without thinking about anything else is actually a challenging task. There are some thoughts always passing through your mind that distracts you. 

These apps will provide you some of the best meditation techniques that will gradually improve your concentration and relieve your stress. You will be more calm and composed and your life will be peaceful. 

Best Meditation Android Apps in 2020

Below is the list of meditation apps for everyone who wants to improve mental health. You should install these apps for meditations methods.

#1. Calm – Mediate, Sleep and Relax App

Calm is a perfect meditation app. Individuals undergo a lot of stress in such a competitive world and this stress further leads to various health issues. This app guides you in different types of meditation which would lower your stress and anxiety and allow you to sleep peacefully.

This app features various sleeping stories, breathing programmes and soft soothing music for calming your mind. For the beginners, this app is quite useful but it also has programmes for intermediate and advanced users. Moreover, you can choose the time according to your schedule.

#2. Insight Timer – Free Meditation App

Insight Timer is the best meditation app featuring the top meditation experts to guide you. There are talks from psychologists, neurologists and teachers from top universities like Stanford, Harvard and Oxford. The beginners can begin by short meditations in order to include it in your habit. 

There are 100+ different meditations to prevent monotonous meditations. It also has some of the best music lists from the top music artists. The mediation will calm you down deeply and provide thousands of community groups and community features.

#3. Simple Habit: Meditation, Sleep App

Simple Habit — 5 Minute Meditations for Busy People

Simple Habit is the most recommended app by top psychologists and mental health experts. It is best for the people who suffer from sleep problems. This app will enhance your sleep schedule. It has a bunch of sleep therapy sessions for meditation and mindfulness.

The app will make you feel stress-free gradually through its therapy. You can choose the time according to your convenience be it in the morning or just before you go to sleep. Moreover, the experts motivate you regularly to do the meditations.

#4. Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds App

The atmosphere is an app for relaxation. The app features amazing and soothing sounds that would relax your mind at once. An outstanding feature of this app is that it has a time limit after which the sound would stop automatically. Thus this feature can be of great help when you sleep. The soft songs allow you to sleep peacefully.

It has a variety of environments according to which it plays the music like- beach, forest, home,underwater and other such themes. Thus just by sitting at your home you can experience and feel the music of nature. You can also save your sounds for later reference. It has a high quality sound feature which is soothing to the ears.

#5. MyLife – Meditation Stop Breathe & Think

MyLife is a unique and friendly app that guides people through meditation and mindfulness. It provides personalized and optimized services to people having difficulties like anxiety, sleeplessness or any emotional instability. With the sole aim of self-realization and self-regulation, this app urges its users to take out a few minutes each day and care for themselves for their own well-being.

MyLife daily recommend meditations for beginners whether be it kids or adults and experienced meditators, yoga and acupressure videos based on the personalized needs of the users.  Its other features include meditation timer, sleep sounds, quick meditations and breathing activities. My Life Meditation app is one of the most widely used and suggested apps, recommended and appreciated even by professionals and psychologists. 


These meditation apps have been recommended even by the doctors and psychologists for a healthy mind and body. You will be guided by some of the professionals who will teach you the exact way of concentrating and meditating. All you need to do is just take out some time from your busy schedule for yourself and your body. 

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