Top 5 Best Literature Apps for Android Smartphone in 2020

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As a reader, books become your best friends. As a result of which you engross more and more in reading books. You would prefer to read books from a variety of authors, but is it possible for you to get all the books that you want to read. For such keen readers, there are a lot of literature apps being introduced which offers you a variety of books. 

You can get some of the best books just on the tips of your fingers. You can find any of the books you want to be it of your favourite author or your favourite genre. Especially for the students pursuing their studies in literature, these apps can be quite helpful.

The following are some of the best literature apps that will give you one of the best experiences in reading. There will not be a single moment when you will not enjoy reading. 

Best Literature Android Apps

Below is the best literature apps to read good daily. You can use your time productively.

#1. Goodreads

If you are a keen reader then this app is the best for you. It can make you fall in love with reading books. You can choose any of your books and add it to the Want to-read shelf in this app. Moreover before starting any book you can even take a lot at its review by scanning the book cover. It even provides you with the recommendations of various books that you might like to read. You can even buy or borrow the books from the appropriate links. It also helps you to view the books that your friends are reading. Goodreads also have the reading challenge that would encourage you to read more and more books.

#2. Google Play Books

If you find it difficult to carry the book anywhere you go then this app will be your ultimate solution. This is one of the most-used apps for eBooks, audiobooks and comics. You can find almost all genres on this app and can select from amongst the trending books. Moreover, you do not have to provide any specified subscriptions for this app you will have to pay only for the books you like. It also saves you from the risk of purchasing any of the books without knowing its genre as it helps you to preview the books before buying. It even has the features of lowering the brightness of the screen while you read at night so that your eyes are not much affected by its light.

#3. FBReader

You can use this app quite flexibly for reading your books. It allows you to adjust the font sizes, backgrounds and the brightness of your screen according to your suitability. You can even sync in your library, bookmarks and reading positions together through the Book Network, or Google Drive. The ebooks are available in different languages like English, Russian and Chinese. It also provides you the option of downloading the books to your device so that you can read it later on. Moreover, you will also not face the difficulty of interpreting the meanings of the words as it is linked to the external dictionaries.

#4. OverDrive

No, you do not have to rush to the library just in search of one book, as the OneDrive brings your library to your mobile phones. You can now easily search for any of the books on this app. There will not be any issues regarding the late fees as the titles would be automatically returned to the library. You also have to create a valid account with a participating library and school or other institution. You can even submit your recommendations of the books and contact the libraries to let them know that you are using OneDrive and give them your suggestions for the books.

#5. Libby

You might be ignorant of the fact that even the library you have been approaching for so many years has several ebooks and audiobooks for you. Only one app can make your approach towards libraries quite flexible and easier. Libby allows you to borrow the books instantly and for free from anywhere it is not necessary for you to go to the library any more. You just have to sign in to the various libraries with the help of their library cards and then start borrowing the books of your choice. You can even download the book or store it in a single shelf. It keeps a track of everything you do: your bookmarks, your titles, reading positions and many more.


Now you don’t have to go to your library in search of the books as these apps will bring the library to your home. You can easily access your online library for any of the books you want. You can take the membership of any of the libraries and receive all your books online isn’t this quite fun and interesting? Then what are you waiting for, bring home your library by installing these apps.

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