Top 5 Best Icon Packs for Android in 2020

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Icons are like the small accessories which decorate your screen in a beautiful way. The simple boring icon designs on your screen might make your phone look old-fashioned. In order to make it beautiful, all you have to do is change the designs of your icons. 

You no more have to keep up with those monotonous icons and you can change it in your own way. To change your icon structure all you need to do is install some of the best icon pack apps where you will be provided with a unique collection of icon designs.

Now your screen appearance can be absolutely stylish and different from others. These are the top 5 icon pack apps for android that will surely appease you. 

Best Icon Packs in 2020

Below are the collection of Icon packs for your Android smartphone. You should try these packs to completely change your Android Icons.

#1. CandyCons – Icon Pack Collection

influenced by Google’s Material design this icon pack uses the colour palette design given by Google. The icons are designed very finely keeping in mind the tiniest details.  Moreover, you can also edit a few details of the icon if you don’t like it.

All you have to do is press on the icon and you will get a few options of editing it and transforming into your favourite icon. It has many other features which makes it quite approachable like the variety of wallpaper themes and 1000+ icons. It also has the colour variants for some of the icons.

#2. Minty Icons – Icons Free

if you have attractive and beautiful icons your phone looks amazing. The Minty Icons OS a free app which provides freshness and boldness to your icons. You can get a collection of different themed activities on this app along with 1500+ handcrafted vector icons and more than 50 magnificent Cloud based wallpapers.

It also features a Blueprint dashboard app designed by Jahir Fiquitiva. It has more than 40 supported launchers. Thus if you want to use this app you will have to install any of the launchers only then can you use the app.

#3. Whicons – White Icon Pack

Colourful icons are common for every smartphone. There are many beautifully designed and coloured icons for each smartphone, however, if you are searching something unique for your icons all you need to do is install the Whicons app. This app will completely whitewash all your icons. It has 5000+ icons and unique wallpapers.

It can cover almost 26000 apps and has the support of a large number of launchers. Moreover, it is updated quite frequently which brings in something new and unique with each update. 

#4. Nexa – Icon Pack

This app designs each and every icon with variant colours in such a way that each iconic design looks like a masterpiece complementing the phone screen. Moreover, the unique feature of the icon designs is its simplicity and creativeness. There are more than 5000 icons and with each update, the number increases.

The colours used for designing the icons are quite soothing to the eyes. Moreover, it has numerous unique wallpapers as well and also has an option of icon search in case you have to search for a specific icon. It has several launchers to support this app.

#5. H2O – Free Icons Collection

this app allows you to customize your screen by adding a colourful and homogenous touch to your icons. Moreover, the designs for the icons have been inspired by the style of Oxygen OS and Hydrogen OS icons.

Moreover, if you do not like any of the designed icons you can create your own home screen by choosing different designs of the icons making it more attractive and beautiful. The light colours are quite soothing to the eyes and are loved by all.


So, These were Icon pack that can completely change the look of your home screen and will give it an absolutely new look. These apps can change the colour, shape size and the entire structure of your icon. Moreover, the regular updates of these apps will bring in a lot of new designs. Thus, you can give a new look to your home screen too often. 

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