Top 5 Best Horoscope Apps for Android Smartphone in 2020

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From centuries people have been connecting the movement of celestial bodies with your fate and life events. Thus, the idea of the horoscope is quite ancient. Some tend to have a firm belief on it while some find it completely illogical. There have been a lot of experts to guide you or educate you about your horoscope. However, now the situations are not the same as a lot of amazing horoscope apps have been introduced.

These apps are quite fun and interesting. You can get all your horoscopic details on these apps. Each day you get to read new information about your horoscope. You can find any information you want to be it your personal life or your professional life. 

If you do not have any of the horoscopic apps on your device then these are some of the best apps that you should have in your mobile phones. 

Best Horoscope Android Apps

Below are the best android apps to check your own horoscope. You should use the theme and let us know which is your favourite and works for you.

#1. Daily Horoscope

Daily Horoscope are you a believer of the horoscopic theories then this app is the best for you. You can get to know about your daily horoscope on this app. It covers all the zodiac signs and tries to give an accurate horoscope for the day, week or even the entire year. It also has the Chinese horoscope signs which make it more accessible by several people. This app also tries to give an account of the compatibility according to your zodiac signs. It also has a feature of daily reminder which reminds you to check your horoscope regularly. However, this app cannot be used offline, you need internet access in order to download your horoscope.

#2. Yodha

Yodha app will allow you to know what is in for you in the entire day based upon your zodiac signs. Some of the best astrologers from different parts prepare horoscopes for you. Each day you receive a new prediction about your relationship or your business, career and education. Moreover, it aims at providing you with the perfect horoscopes, which you can trust upon. There are no obstacles like ads or bugs. You just get to see your horoscopes and do not charge anything for giving you the best of horoscopes.

#3. AstroMatrix

AstroMatrix app is an astrology app that will help you to interpret your birth charts. This app does not use your signs like other apps instead it uses your date, time and place of birth. It gives you detailed information about each of your planet positions and what effects it will have on your life. Not only does it provide you with the daily horoscope but also gives you the information about your monthly horoscopes. It also gives you reports about the solar and lunar returns and also helps you to know the next returns.

#4. iHoroscopes

iHoroscopes app will let you know the horoscope every day so that you can know the various positive or negative happenings in your life. It also provides you to do the live chat with your psychics and ask them questions and receive some of the best advice from them that would solve most of your problems. You can even read your horoscope unobtrusively while phone calls as well. It gives you new updates regularly about your signs and also provides you with the compatibility of the signs.

#5. Free Horoscope

Free Horoscope app is a free app that will provide you with your horoscopic information regularly. It contains both the Chinese as well as the Mayan horoscopes. You can even share your horoscope with your friends and family via Twitter, Whatsapp or Instagram. It will give you all the information once you create your profile and enter your birth dates. You will get accurate information about your life, love, money and health and many more. 


These apps will make you believe in the power of the celestial bodies. Some of the apps might give you the predictions based on your birth dates and time while some might give you based on the position of the celestial bodies. Thus, before any major event or even before starting your day have a look at what your day’s horoscope has to say about your day or even your year. 

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