Top 5 Best Grammar Learning Apps for Android Smartphone in 2020

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Do you often lack the confidence of talking to someone in English or writing a huge text to your crush because of your grammatical errors? A lot of people do not take initiative in anything because of their weakness in grammar. Well, then this problem can be solved as you can correct all your mistakes with the best grammar learning apps.

These apps primarily focus on teaching English grammar. It has a wide range of topics, which you can practice every day and improve your grammar. You can start your learning from the basics via these apps.

There are dozens of such apps that will help you with your english grammar. However, it is your decision to choose one of the best apps from it. Thus for making your task easier the best apps have been listed below. 

Best Grammar Learning Android Apps

Below is the best grammar learning apps for your Android smartphone. You should install these grammar apps to learn English grammar from the phone.

#1. English Grammar Test

You will now learn the English language quite accurately. You do not have to go there in search of various books or courses for improving your English, this app will provide you with everything. This app contains almost 30 tests with 20 exercises for you to practice and enhance your grammar skills. The score you receive at the end of the test shows your progress in learning. In case of any mistake, the app gives an explanation for your mistake and also corrects the answer so that you do not repeat the mistake. It also has the unique feature of English chat where you can speak in English with other learners and also improve your vocabulary.

#2. English Grammar

English Grammar app covers your basic grammar syllabus and helps you in learning the language better. It even provides you with the option of translation from English to other languages. It also has various voice records in the English language like the American voice or other international voices which you can listen to in your free time. This will help you to understand the way the words are pronounced and spoken along with other words. It has various levels of the tests that you have to complete in order of the levels. It also contains a dictionary to which you can refer to for any of the word meaning.

#3. English Grammar Ultimate

English is a universal language people often want to excel in the way the words are spoken and written and the various rules of the English. This app covers a broad range of topics like tenses, use of various words like shall, should or other such words, phrases and many such topics that are quite necessary for English learning. It even guides you in spoken English. The app consists of a lot of tests for you to practice and become proficient in the English language. Through proper practice, you will be able to use the English words in a professional and efficient manner.

#4. English Grammar in Use

English Grammar in Use app is one of the best for the intermediate learners as it has a bunch of exercises and explanations of the various concepts. It also contains a glossary of the grammar words and the study guide helps you to decide the topic that you would begin with. This app contains all the study material of the best selling grammar book by Raymond Murphy that is absolutely free. You can now learn English at any time, anywhere in your smartphones and tablets. It also contains an audio recording of several sentences which would improve your learning skills as well as your pronunciation.


You will not be able to correct your grammatical mistakes if you only concentrate on a specific topic. It is important for you to know the basics of what you are learning. Once you learn your basics perfectly you can ultimately gain fluency in your English. These apps make sure to make you a fluent speaker as well as gives you a good knowledge of English grammar. It allows you to practice daily because ‘Practice makes a man perfect.’ 

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