Top 5 Best Free Calendar Apps for Android (Organize Task) in 2020

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Without a proper calendar would you even know what day it is? The calendar is the most useful tool used by everyone to remember certain dates or keep a track of your family’s birthday. At least once in an entire day, you look at the calendar. Thus install some of these best calendar apps in your smartphones and watch out for important dates anytime you want.

These calendar apps have plenty of different themes that make your calendar more attractive. Some of it even has the weather forecasts which will inform you about the humidity and precipitation of the day. 

All these calendar apps will even notify you about the important events or even your national holidays. Make your choice from any of the following apps and organize your meetings or functions according to a particular day and date.

Best Free Calendar Android Apps in 2020

Below is the list of best calendar apps for Android device. If you are not satisfied with your by default google calendar then you should use below calendar apps.

#1. DigiCal Calendar Agenda

Digical – this is one of the best calendar apps which you can even use as your daily planner. It offers you a list of events that have to take place in the entire year. Moreover, you can schedule all your upcoming events or appointments in weeks or months in the week list or month list.

Besides, presenting you the dates it also presents you with detailed information about the weather forecasts including the temperature, humidity and precipitation. You can even get numerous colour options for your organizer to make your calendar look beautiful and attractive.

#2. One Calendar App

One Calendar – it is a highly recommended app for integrating all your calendars be it Google, iCloud or Facebook you can get all your calendars in one. It is quite easy to manage as you get your entire schedule on one app.

List up the birthdays, or any important occasion on the specific dates with the help of certain colours, in order to make your calendar look beautiful. You can also form different files for your work, meetings and separate files for birthdays of festivals. If you forget any of the important dates just click on One Calendar.

#3. Business Calendar App

Business Calendar – does your boss fill up your mind with a number of meetings and appointments that you need to attend? All you have to do is download the Business Calendar and keep all the dates saved with you in an organized way. It gives you an overview of all the events that would take place on a daily basis so that you do not miss out on any.

You can also keep a note of the events that take place recurrently. You do not have to open the app again; it will notify you of the events and the dates as to when it has to take place.

#4. Calendar – Agenda, Tasks and Events

Calendar – it is a basic calendar app that is usually present in all the smartphones. It allows simple management of dates and events. Even if you have your important dates in other apps you can simply synchronize those apps with the Calendar.

It also provides the dark and light mode themes and can be operated even offline. With Calendar in your mobile phones, you will never forget anything be it your friend’s birthday or any important occasion to attend.

#5. Simple Calendar – Reminders Manager

Simple Calendar –  it is an offline calendar app with simple features and zero ads. This app is an amazingly organized planner for all your events and meetings. You can refer to this calendar anywhere and simply remind yourself about the upcoming events. you might forget an event for a moment but the simple calendar does not.

It will immediately remind you about the important dates. It has a variety of customizable options to customize your events and reminders. It offers you a simple list of events instead of giving you the entire view of the calendar.


Calendar apps in your smartphones are often considered as the oldest apps. Gradually these calendar apps have been updated and new features have been introduced into the simple calendar app which makes it more appealing. Now, you don’t have to waste your time thinking about the day or date it is, just open any of these calendar apps and fix your days for specific tasks. 

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