Top 5 Best Face Distortion Apps for Android (Funny Editor) in 2020

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Distortion of your face can change your entire look into a comical one and can bring a smile on your face. Any part of your face can be distorted by just a touch. You can create such pictures on the face distortion apps that will provide you with various options to turn your simple picture into a funny one. 

You can have fun while editing your simple pictures on these apps and creating different humorous faces that will make you laugh your heart out. No more sad face, just a distorted face with loads of laughs.

These are the list of some best face distortion apps that will make your day fun. Your work has been made even more easier as we have searched  the best face distortion apps for you. All you need to do is download any of them and have fun.

Best Face Distortion Android Apps in 2020

Below is the list of best funny photo editor apps for your Android smartphone people. If you want to make fun & funny face image then you should use these face distortion apps in your phone.

#1. Face Changer App

Face Changer is one of the best apps for editing your normal pictures into funny ones. You often tend to make a lot of faces in real life just to make someone happy or for your happiness. Won’t it be exciting if you get an app for making up different funny faces? You can just take any of your normal pictures and turn it into the funniest picture.

You can replace your eyes, nose and mouth with some of the funny features. Make your face thin, fat, sharp or pointed. You can also add emojis or texts to it and share these pictures with your friends and family and bring a smile to their faces. 

#2. Photo Warp App

Photo Warp is one of the craziest and cool photo editor apps that you would probably be addicted to. It has some of the best features which can turn you skinny or add on a few pounds to your body making you fat.

It is an app to see how creative you can be in changing your appearance from a normal picture to the most hilarious picture. Not just your faces but your entire body can be edited by adding the distort legs, stretched arms, and warp faces. You can even turn your funny pictures into crazy gifs.

#3. Funny Photo Editor

Funny Photo Editor is the great face editor app for messing up with your pictures or your friends’ pictures. You can tease your friends by adding moustaches or funky goggles or funny hairstyles to their pictures. Save these pictures and share among the group of your friends and family making them all laugh and have fun.

You can even download various stickers and apply them to your pictures. Not only the pictures, but this app can also turn your simple videos into funny videos. There are also funny frames that you can apply to your pictures. The best part is you can enjoy all these features absolutely free.

#4. Face Fun – Photo Collage Maker

Face fun offers a wide range of stickers like hairs, large eyes or noses of different shapes. You can choose any of the images from your gallery and start editing them, sometimes these edits can make your beautiful pictures into hilariously haunting ones. The app also consists of the feature of communicative bubbles which contains some funny sentences that you can add on to your pictures.

You can also add some colourful filters to the pictures and make them blue, green or any colour of your choice. Just with one tap share these pictures via WhatsApp or mails with your friends and join them in their laugh. 

#5. Banuba – Live Face Filters App

Banuba is an exciting app for all smartphone users. You can turn into a vampire, or a Santa clause or a DJ just by adding on to the exciting filters of different characters. Parents can make their children happy just by opening this app and applying such filters.

You can transform your boring and dull day into some of the happy moments with the help of Banuba. There are new add-ons of the filters or masks everyday which makes it more fun. You can add filters live just open your camera and try some exciting masks or make some funny videos with it.


Funny puckered lips, twirl faces or other distortions try anything you want on your face and compose your funny face quite easily. You can even share it with your friends and family and bring a smile on their faces. Thus, whenever you are in a bad mood or your friends are sad just open these apps and make them laugh. 

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