Top 5 Best Email Apps for Android Smartphone in 2020

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Are you searching for best email apps for your Android device? Well, We’ll share the best list in this article. In the era, before the other messaging or texting apps emails were used as the sole source of communicating. They provide several services that make your communication quite easier. 

A lot of people have multiple email accounts for different purposes. Some might use it for personal matters while others might use it at a professional level. However with time there have been an introduction of several email apps. 

These are the set of email apps that will make your communication. You can manage your online communications quite effortlessly with these best email apps. 

Best Email Android Apps

If you are looking for best email apps for your Android smartphone then you must install below apps to manage emails. You can send and receive email through below apps.

#1. Gmail

The sending of messages can now be quite organized and safe via this email app. You can send and receive your messages instantly. Moreover, it has a feature of categorization where the social and promotional messages are separated. You can keep your messages safe and stored for as much time as you want in your Gmail. There is less spam and more of important messages that you receive via your Gmail. You can use this app for transferring any of the messages be it official or unofficial, it also does acquire much of your mobile storage.

#2. Email App

Edison Mail for Android

It helps you to manage the email accounts quite simply. You can get your messages instantly without any obstructions or clogging of the messages. You can easily search for your messages from the particular folders instead of finding it out from the bunch of messages. It also maintains your privacy and allows you to focus on the important messages by putting it towards the top through the option of Focus Inbox. You can always prevent your mistakes by the undo option and send in a perfect mail or message through the Email.

#3. TypeApp Mail

This is one of the [perfectly designed apps to be used for the management of all your mail accounts. You can have a unified account in one app that is all your inboxes from the various accounts can be received on one app. Thus you no longer have to face the problem of switching your accounts. Moreover, it notifies you with the messages immediately. It also has the advanced feature of group mail where you can share your messages by creating a shared group account. It also has various coloured themes and reminders.

#4. ProtonMail

ProtonMail app is the most secured mail app to use as it allows only the sender and recipient to read the message. Thus your emails are absolutely private in this app. All the messages are encrypted in such a way that even the ProtonMail team cannot read it. You can even set the timers for your messages to destroy automatically after a certain time. It allows you to send the password encrypted in case you want to send messages to other email addresses.

#5. Spark

Spark app will provide you with the best of mail experiences.  It filters the important emails for you and allows you to focus on the most important mails by putting it on the top of the other messages. It also has the feature of the dark mode which will completely save your battery as well as affect your eyes less. Moreover, it only notifies you about the people whom you are familiar with. You can also add your other mail accounts on this app. The various themes for messages would make your email look attractive and beautiful.


These apps are your ultimate communicators. Moreover, it is also user-friendly. Even if you forget your passwords it provides you with a proper assistance. It allows easy management of your digital life without make it much complex. It has a lot of advanced features that you could not enjoy earlier on any of the email apps. Thus, for a better experience and a good control over your communication install any of these apps. 

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