Top 5 Best eBook Reading Apps for Android in 2020

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A good book is equal to a good friend. Once you start reading, there is no looking back. However, keeping so many books on your shelf is impossible. Sometimes, you do not even get the book you want due to its unavailability in the market. There are a lot of things that a reader considers before buying a book. 

The most important thing that comes to your mind is will the book be worth the cost. Thus, the introduction of eBooks and audiobooks have made it quite easier for the readers, as they do not have to roam around the market to market in search of a good book. All the books will be available to them on their mobile phones. 

There are various eBooks apps for which you have to pay a specific subscription but getting those apps on your mobile phone is worth your money. As you can get thousands of books on one app and that too at a cheaper price as compared to the markets. 

Best eBook Reading Apps in 2029

Below are eBook apps for Android to read amazing books on the mobile. You don’t have to carry books with you. Now Books in your hand in the form of eBook apps.

#1. Kobo Books

Being a book lover you always have the zealousness to read more and more books. However, it is not possible for you to buy all the books you want. With the help of Kobo books, you can reach out to thousands of amazing books of your choice. It is the best eBook app for all kinds of readers. Not only does it have books for you to read but it also has an amazing collection of audiobooks for you to listen and enjoy.

It has various categories of books from novels to audiobooks to children’s books, this makes it quite appropriate for everyone. It also offers the best deals of subscriptions so that you do not miss out on the trending books. You can even schedule the time for which you want to listen to the audiobooks. After the completion of the time, it ends automatically.

#2. Google Play Books

the best and the most enjoyable app for eBooks and audiobooks of all genres. Now you don’t have to move here and there in search of the books you want all you have to do is install this app and read or listen to the downloaded books of your choice.

There are no monthly subscriptions you only have to pay for the eBook or the audiobook you want to buy.  Moreover, you can also have a preview of the samples before choosing any of the books to buy. You can even read your book when offline by downloading it on your phone.

#3. Amazon Kindle

this app provides you with almost millions of books to choose from. There are no limits to reading with the Kindle app. You can now read anytime and anywhere. Now you do not have to keep a bookshelf for storing your books, as you can have many amazing books on your smartphones.

Moreover, the eBooks are present in 5 languages so that it can be used and read by anyone. Not only do you get eBooks on novels or storybooks but also there are several eBooks for the preparation of your exam. You can even adjust the size of the fonts according to your suitability.  You can even track the reading progress as it shows you the percentage of the book that has been read.

#4. Moon+Reader

this is an innovative eBook app with lots of amazing features and also gives you control over a lot of things like the colour of the font or the size of the fonts or even adjusting the background themes. It keeps in mind the good health of your eyes and has various options for long time reading that would be less effective on your eyes.

You can even categorize the books according to your favourite genres, authors. It has eBooks present in almost 40 different languages and allows you to make a lot of changes on the screen in order to ensure that you get the perfect and enjoyable reading experience.

#5. NOOK

This app offers you a lot more than just the eBooks. you can get a 14 days trial of the newspapers or magazines, also it has some of the best kids’ interactive picture books. It is almost like an online library where you can get almost a ybok you want without much effort. You can adjust your font sizes and line spacing and also insert bookmarks to make sure that you continue with where you had left it.

It has the Android assistive technology which magnifies the screen and makes it quite accessible for the low vision users who love to read books. You can even share your account with your friends and family. You can get thousands of new books every week. 


These apps are some of the best apps where you can get the best selling books with different genres. Moreover, all these eBooks provide you with an option to preview the book before paying for it. This saves your time as well as your money. It is not just for the adults but even some of the children’s books are available. Thus anyone can enjoy these eBooks and Audiobooks. 

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