Top 5 Best Daily & Journal Apps for Your Android Device in 2020

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Almost everyone has a personal diary or a journal where they can jot down anything they want. Some may even call it their secret diaries. You can write your heart out on that because you know that it would all be safe there. However if you have a diary or a notebook then some day it might fall into someone’s hands. However, the daily and journal apps will solve this problem for you. 

These journal apps have advanced features that are much better than a dairy. Moreover, you can write anything you want anywhere. These journals can do a lot of things that the normal diaries could never do.  

You might find several journal apps which has different features, some might have the feature of adding images or location while some may have the reminders. However, to get everything in one app all you need. Thus the apps listed below are one of the best apps.

Best Daily & Journal Android Apps in 2020

Below are the daily and journal apps for Android smartphone user. If you are smartphone user then you should try these apps to in touch with daily happenings.

#1. Five Minute Journal App

It is important for you to begin your day with something good. This five-minute journal allows you to set up a purposeful action for yourself in just five minutes. You can write your heart out in this journal app. Be it your lessons or some important things that happened in your entire day you can jot down everything in your journal. This app has been beautifully designed for you to capture all your pictures and thoughts. It gives you a view of your daily pictures and also allows you to access your previous journal entries. Moreover, everything you store in this app will be secured via a passcode. You can even share your entries in the form of PDF or via the Dropbox.

#2. Daylio App

Daylio app allows you to take good care of yourself and maintain a journal even of your daily habits and moods. It allows you to track your physical and mental health or your mood. Try to work on yourself and bring more positivity in your life by creating your entries into the journal. You can daily enter your positive and negative things and the journal keeps a track of your moods regularly. It even records your mood in the statistical form which you can share with your family and friends. It has the advanced features of setting reminders and keeping your journal safe by adding a PIN to it. You can even use various emojis as per your moods and change the colour themes. It also gives you a weekly, monthly and yearly statistics of your moods as it tracks your mood regularly.

#3. Journey App

You can save in your beautiful journeys in life or in your day in the form of a journal. You can write anything positive or negative that you think about. These journals can make you your own motivational coach. You do not have to keep all with yourself you can dump in all your feelings in the Journey and feel quite enlightened. This will also help you in managing your stress and anxiety. It keeps everything that you have written safe and secured with the help of passcode. It also provides guidance to the beginners who have no prior experience of journaling. It provides you with the timeline, calendar and map to view your entries accordingly.

#4. Daybook App

No need for a secret diary anymore as you will have your diary on your smartphone. You can record your daily activities, and ideas in this journal. You can record anything your memories, thoughts and keep it in an organized manner. You can apply a passcode on your Daybook private so that only you can have access to it. Moreover, you do not have to fear your diary or your thoughts stored in it being lost as it has an automatic backup also provides you with an option to record the voice notes if you do not feel like writing. You can use this app for any purpose: your wishlist, your class notebook, travel journal and many more.  

#5. Diaro App

It is a multi-purpose app for notes, journals that can record your daily events, experiences, thoughts and lessons. Moreover, it has more than 30 languages from which you can choose the language you wish to write in. it also keeps a track of your moods and gives you a throwback to your memories according to the day. It provides you with daily weather information and a beautiful Atlas view. The passcode feature in this app keeps your information within the journal app safe, secured and absolutely private. You can even share your journals or notes in the PDF or DOCS format with your friends. Also, keep a statistical record of your moods with the Dairo.


These apps can be used offline as well as online. People who love to stay organized in their lives these journal apps will be the best for them. These apps can give you one of the best journal experiences, such that you will never look back to your normal diaries. You will always have the journal anywhere you go just in your pockets. 

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