Top 5 Best Code Learning Apps for Android in 2020

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Earlier, there was a time when coding and programming was just a hobby for some people. Very few people would use coding or programming for their professional work. But, now people are quite interested in building their career via coding or programming.

They can learn the code languages and various programming techniques and build a great career in that field. The benefits that you receive from these courses are immense. 

However, would you really like to invest your money in something you are unaware of? Being absolutely new to this field of coding and programming you would be doubtful about which course to pursue or in which content of coding are you interested in. Well, these online sites which offer you a wide range of topics related to coding will solve your problems. You can now learn to code absolutely free with the help of these online resources. 

Best Learn to Code Apps in 2020

Here is the list of best code learning apps to learn the codes on the Android smartphone. You can easily learn and execute the code on the phone. Lets use the app to learn to code.

#1. SoloLearn – Learn to code for free

 You can learn to code absolutely free with the help of this app. It has a large collection of various coding techniques. This app will make you absolutely a perfectionist in programming. It offers a wide range of interesting topics related to programming and coding. You will receive fresh content each day which will make you more efficient.

You can connect to many experienced and efficient coders via this app and get advice from them. Once you gain the knowledge about any of the content you can create your own lessons and become one of the influencers on the app. 

#2. Programming Hub

 This is a perfect app for gaining knowledge in coding and programming. If you are a beginner this app will make you an expert in this programming. This app will make coding fun for you. It does not present any ads so you can learn quickly without any obstructions.

It offers you more than 20 courses and has 5000+ programs. You can interact with the experts who would clarify all your doubts that might arise during programming. Moreover, it is periodically updated with new content and programs to make you more efficient.

#3. Mimo: Learn coding App

With the help of this app, you can learn coding quickly and easily. This app will make you so efficient in programming and coding that you can build any app or website in just 5 minutes. Even if you are an amateur in this field you do not have to worry as this app will teach you everything from the beginning to the end. You do not have to spend hours to learn to code just a few minutes per day is enough to make you an expert in coding. You can even keep a track of the progress you make in learning. 

#4. Enki: Learn Data Science, Coding

If you are bored with coding and programming then this app will make coding fun for you. You can easily learn new concepts and gain new ideas. It offers you various quizzes which test your knowledge. Moreover, you can practice new content or concept each day. With each day of learning, you go a level up and face the new challenge and new concept to learn and practice. You will be able to notice the results of learning in just a few weeks. This app is all you need for the best coding experience. 

#5. Programming Hero: Coding Just Got Fun

coding can be fun with this app as it allows you to not only practice coding and programming but you can even create your own coding games. There are more than 100 code programs with proper explanations and solutions. With the coding games, you receive points, badges and enjoy learning the core concepts. The quizzes in this app are also in the form of games so that you can learn as quickly as possible. Thus solve the new challenges regularly and gain exciting points and gifts. 


These applications will help you gain a lot of knowledge in the field of coding. It does not matter if you are an amateur or an expert it has all the concepts that you require. Now you do not have to spend huge amounts on coding classes as you are getting an opportunity to learn coding absolutely free. You will get an idea about which concept of coding interests you more and you can pursue or career further in it. 

Before going to any classes and spending your money you should first refer to these apps and see the progress you make in just a few months. If you practice coding regularly with the help of these apps then you can be an advanced coder. 

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