Top 5 Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android Smartphone in 2020

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The cloud storage makes the functioning of your device more efficient. This is because you can keep any of your files stored in there. Moreover, it saves you from the difficulty of carrying your hardware to your workplace or anywhere you want. However, there are a lot of cloud storage apps that would provide you with various services.

These apps does not occupy much of your internal storage and at the same time keeps all your data secured. These are quite beneficial and has several outstanding features. 

There are a lot of cloud storage apps some of them are free while some charges you with some amount of money. Thus you have to make a wise choice before you rely on any of the cloud storage apps. The following cloud storage apps are some of the best storage apps.

Best Cloud Storage Android Apps

Below is the list of best cloud storage to store mobile data to the cloud apps. You should install below cloud storage app to save local data and access from any device.

#1. Box

You can now store all your important files in this free cloud app. This app simplifies the management of your documents as all the files and documents are stored in an organized manner in the Box. You can access all your documents easily. The free cloud of 10GB allows the backup of the documents so that they are safe. Moreover, your files are highly secured and can be accessed even when you are offline. You can even share huge apps without attachment just with the help of a particular link. Any of the critical information can be stored in the Box.

#2. Google Drive

You can safely store your documents, pictures and videos in the drive. Moreover, you do not have to face the fear of losing your files as it has the option of files backup. You can even share your files or edit it via drive. Your files are quite organized in the drive and you can search them for an yof your files instantly without wasting your time. You can even the details about your files and limit the access of your drive to certain people. You can also share the pictures and documents directly from the Drive.

#3. Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive app can be accessed on any of your devices. It keeps all your files, photos and videos protected and also allows you to share it with your friends and family. It has a system of automatic backup of your pictures. Moreover, you can easily find your wanted picture from your huge collection of pictures due to the automatic tagging feature. The files in the OneDrive are highly encrypted and the documents can also be restored from your history.  In order to increase the storage capacity of your OneDrive you have to subscribe to OneDrive.

#4. Amazon Drive

The ultimate storehouse of all your important files and pictures, this app keeps all your documents completely safe even if you lose your phone or it gets damaged. You can even share the videos or pictures in the form of a link via emails or text messages. The app allows you to create separate folders for different documents so that everything is stored in a sorted way. Not only can you create folders but also sub folders to keep it more organized.    You can even download the files directly to your Android phone. Moreover, it can be used on all the devices.

#5. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most accessible apps as it can be used simply and you can keep your pictures and files in an organized way. You can also preview over 175 file types without the requirement of any special software for the purpose. Moreover, you can easily share the files with your friends and family in the form of links even though the recipient does not have Dropbox in their mobile phones. It also allows you to scan important paperwork or the existing files to transform it into PDFs.


These apps are quite beneficial especially for the business groups as they can keep there entire information safe and secure in these storage apps. These apps are a replacements of the hardware. Now you do not have to fear the loss of your data from your hardware as everything will be secured in these cloud storage apps. The best part is some of the cloud storage apps even allow a free trial for you to understand whether the app is correct for you or not. 

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