Top 5 Best Card Games for Android in 2020

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Card games are one of the favourite games that are loved and enjoyed by everyone. Once you start playing these games with your friends and family then you do not realize the time you have spent on it. These card games can also be played without the presence of cards in your hands. You must be thinking how? It is quite easy just with the best Card Games apps for your android. 

You can now play your card games anywhere you want. While you are standing in a long queue or waiting for someone then these card game apps are your ultimate rescue while you get bored. 

There are multiple card games. Thus, you might get multiple apps on the play store some might be free while some might ask for a small fee but you can install any of the card games according to your choice. The bunch of card games listed below are the best card games that on can play. 

Best Card Games in 2020

If you love playing card games then below are amazing mindblowing card games for your Android smartphone.

#1. Microsoft Solitaire Collection Game

Microsoft Solitaire Collection has different types of Solitaire card games which you will definitely enjoy. Every day you will receive new challenges and events to accomplish. It offers you Klondike Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire, Peaks Solitaire and Freecell Solitaire. There are multiple levels for each card game and passing each level would take you to the next difficult level. With each accomplishment, you will earn rewards and badges. All the games in Microsoft Solitaire are absolutely free and you can play them anytime you want.

#2. Teen Patti Gold Game

Teen Patti Gold is an exciting card game where you play with only 3 cards with a bunch of simple rules. It allows you to play different kinds of teen Patti. You are provided with the option of playing it individually or a tournament where others would be involved. It offers you a daily challenge regularly and for each challenge you complete you get the rewards. You can enjoy the game with your friends or even play online with other people.

#3. Gin Rummy Game

Gin Rummy offers an amazing game for both the beginners and experts. The game involves only two players but winning it is not so easy. As a beginner, the app provides you with all the information so that you can learn how to play the game. Either you or the app can arrange the hands for you. It also allows you to change the backgrounds as per your choice. However, you have to pay a certain amount in order to use this app. The game is worth your money and you will never regret paying for such an amazing game.

#4. Hearts Card Game

Hearts is one of the best offline card games which provides you with a variety of different card games. There are various levels and also 3 difficult levels where you have your computer as your opponent. The app even helps you to learn various methods in which you can play the game. This is absolutely free and does not require any payment for its use. Moreover, you can play the game anytime anywhere as it does not require the internet connection as well. Thus whenever you are bored you can simply play the card games on Hearts.

#5. UNO Card Game

UNO is not the regular UNO that you play with your friends. It has a bunch of new rules, adventures and tournaments which will make the playing of UNO much more enthusiastic and fun. You can connect to different people around the world and play with them and male them your UNO buddies. This app has several tournaments that you can win individually or together with your friends. There are some of the unique cards as well which you might not have seen in your normal UNO cards. This app will give you the best playing experience and make you a fan of UNO.


There is no specific age or time for playing any kind of card games. You can play it anytime you want as it includes a lot of fun. You can easily pass your time once you start playing these card games. These apps have some of the best features and also a slightly different set of rules which will increase your excitement and enthusiasm in playing it. The best part it some of the apps do not even require internet connection to function. 

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