Top 5 Best Apple Watch Apps for iPhone Users in 2020

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The Apple devices are a dream of a lot of people. You always wish to have a good collection of Apple devices. The Apple watches are one of them, however, there are various apps that you need to download to make it one of your useful watches. Wearing an Apple watch with its multiple functions is really something marvellous. But it is important for you to understand the real use of it. Just wearing a watch and showing it off would not help.

 The moment you expand your horizon and install in some of the apps on your watch, it will become more precious for you. The introduction of the app store in your Apple watches has encouraged a lot of people to purchase it. As it will now be able to perform some of the functions of your mobile phones. You can check out a lot of new apps on the app store and install them as per your requirement. 

These Apple Watches have a variety of apps ranging from apps for podcasting, getting fit and healthy to sorting things out . These apps are all you want for your smart watches. Some of these apps are free some are not but each one of it is quite worthy for you to use

Best Apple Watch iPhone Apps in 2020

Below is the list of best apps for apple watch user. If you are one of the apple watch consumer then you must think to use below apps in your device.

#1. Headspace – Meditation & Sleep

 This app will help you relieve your stress and make you more calm and happy. It offers you hundreds of different meditation for different problems like anxiety, insomnia or other health problems. You will be able to sleep peacefully due to the feature of Sleep by Headspace. It regularly provides a meditation on new topics like focus, sleep, anxiety and many more. There are even a few cardio workouts in the app that will help you stay fit. It also consists of various calm sounds that will allow you to sleep peacefully. There are numerous meditation courses from which you can make a choice. The app also allows you to track your progress and share it with others. 

#2. Sleep Cycle – Sleep Tracker

 If you do not have a proper sleep routine then this is all you need. This is an alarm clock which tracks your sleep regularly and allows you to wake up naturally so that you do not feel stressed or irritated when you wake up. Thus it tries to wake you during the light sleep stage. The app analyzes the phases of your sleep and makes use of the wake-up phase that ends along with your desired alarm clock. During this wake-up phase, the app monitors your body movements and tries to wake you up softly and naturally. There are different modes in the app that will make its use quite easier.

#3. Currency – Offline Currency Converter 

You often face a problem to change your currency notes when you have to travel abroad and also have a fear of being cheated. This app will make your currency conversion quite easy. It allows you to convert more than 100 currencies. You get regular updates on the exchange rates. You have to pay a subscription in order to enjoy more features of this app and once you have activated the subscription it cannot be cancelled. The ads disappear automatically once you begin your subscription. It also gives you a historical chart so that you can view the changes over time. It is one of the best offline converter apps on the iPhone.

#4. Calcbot 2 

This app is one of the best calculators for the iPhones. You can easily convert the units and read the history tape on it. The history tape allows you to refer to the previous calculations. You can even add your calculations to the Favorite Key. Not only can you use this app for your mathematical calculations but also the scientific problems. It even allows you to round up the currency to two decimal places. It even consists of beautiful sounds and animations that will make your calculations fun. 

#5. Sleep++

 This is one of the most useful trackers for your sleep. Keeping a track of your sleep ensures good health due to undisturbed sleep. It is important for you to wear your Apple Watch while sleeping only then will it be able to track your sleep automatically. You often fail to notice the time to go to bed. This app keeps an account of that as well so that it can help you in getting a correct sleeping habit. It even tracks the time when you are restless while sleep or relaxed. There are no goals or historical trends, it just tracks your sleep in a simple manner. 


These apps are all you need to make your tasks easier. It will take care of your sleep, your fitness and everything you want. The possibilities that Apple’s wearable offers excite everyone. These regular updates of the apps will bring up new features for you. There has been an introduction of several new apps for your Apple watches.

Introduction of so many new apps will make it difficult for you as to which app to choose. As all these apps are equally useful. Each of it has its own significance and benefits. Now you do not have to always look into your iPhone for using the various apps as it is just in your hands!

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