Top 5 Best Anime Apps for Android Smartphone in 2020

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Well be it a child or an adult everyone is an anime fan. When it comes to anime you don’t see the age but the characters. Each has their favourite anime characters. For sharing their views about the different anime series or characters some of the best anime apps have been introduced.

These apps are a common platform for all the anime fans. They can share everything about their favourite characters to their favourite series. Through these apps they can easily connect to a large number of people who share common interests.

There are different types of anime apps. However, if you are really a fan and want the best of the anime apps, then the list of apps below are the ones that you should definitely install or refer to. 

Best Anime Android Apps in 2020

Below are the best Anime apps for your Android smartphone. If you are lover of anime character then you should install these anime apps in your phone.

#1. My Hero Academia

My hero academia app unites all the fans of My Hero Academia which is an anime series. This app is all you need if you are one of those fans. It allows you to chat and have fun with other fans of the series. It gives you the latest news about the series and gives you information about the upcoming chapters and episodes.

You can even share your artworks and creations with your friends and also discover some of the amazing artworks from other fans. Thus you finally get a community who loves the series as much as you do.

#2. MALClient

MALClient allows in the management of your anime lists. It allows you to search for your own list as well as others. Moreover, you can even read reviews of different anime on this app. It has different categories for different anime from which you can choose one of the most popular ones.

This app gives you the detail of the entire anime from the details about its characters to the staff details. You can even view the promotional videos of the numerous anime series. You can even set up a weekly calendar to keep a track of the current shows. It has other features as well which allows you to connect to other friends and fans.

#3. Anime and Manga Amino App

One of the best apps for the fans of the Anime and Manga this app gathers all the fans together via one platform. Not only anime and manga but also otaku, vocaloid music and cosplay fans can be a part of this app and unite with people who share common love for these shows as them. You can discuss the particular scenes or episodes with the friends you have met on this platform.

#4. Anime Paint App

One of the best apps for both the kids and adults it has various enthusiastic features. You can now colour your favourite characters and this colouring experience can relieve your stress to a great extent. It has some of the amazing anime themes and pictures.

Moreover, it does not provide you with the monotonous pictures to colour every day and allows you to build up your own collection of colourful pictures. You can even recolour your existing collection giving it a creative look over again. You can even access this app whenever you want as it can even be used offline.

#5. DrawShow App

Drawshow is one of the best drawing apps which teaches you drawing in a fun way. It has more than 5000 tutorial videos which allow you to learn the various steps involved in the drawings of the different anime characters and themes. You can even share your drawings on the app and receive advice from the experts and meet new people.

The videos are updated regularly and you get to see the new artworks every day. Moreover, it provides you with some of the exciting tools like brushes, pencils and pens for creating unique artwork. You can use this app even without internet access. 


When it comes to anime then there is no compromise. Each and everything connected to your anime characters or anime series is essential. These apps are also an essential part of your anime as it will keep you updated about the upcoming episodes or series. You will also be able to paint your favourite anime character with the help of some of these apps. Isn’t it fun, then what are you waiting to have a wonderful experience by downloading these apps?

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