Top 5 Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android Smartphone in 2020

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Getting out of bed is the most difficult task of the entire day. Although you set your alarm regularly you are always late. Thus, you need a better alarm clock, instead of buying a better one you can make your smartphone an alarm clock. There are plenty of alarm clock apps to help you out.

These apps will always make sure that you are on time. They might wake you up harshly or gently but you will definitely get out of the bed on time. For a better clock, you should always make sure any these apps are there on your smartphone.

Some of the best alarm clock apps are listed below. These apps have some of the advanced features that will definitely wake you up. 

Best Alarm Clock Android Apps in 2020

Below are the best alarm clock apps for your Android smartphone. If you are not satisfied with your by default alarm app then you should try below alarm clock apps in your phone.

#1. Alarmy App

If you are always late to work or school because you are unable to wake up on the correct time then this app is the best for you. It has some of the amazing loud ringtones that would wake you up even from your deep sleep. However, this app also has calm ringtones which are suitable for the people who want to begin their mornings in a beautiful and soothing way. This app has certain missions for you to complete so that the alarm stops. These missions include photo missions, shake missions, maths mission and barcode mission. This app has some of the amazing features- it makes you aware of the morning temperature and allows you to choose your outfit accordingly. It even has a quick alarm option for people who want to complete their tasks in a hurry.

#2. AlarmMon App

AlarmMon is one of the best alarm clock apps with some of the unique features. It has all kinds of alarms be it quiet, noisy, game alarm or many more. This app makes sure that you are away and off to your work. It keeps on ringing until you are finally awake. It even has the news alarms which will begin your way in quite a meaningful way. It also tells you about the weather as well as the records of your alarm timings so that you are aware of your sleep habits. It does not leave any opportunity to start your morning in a fresh way. Moreover, the loud ringtone that it contains will not allow you to doze off even if you stop the alarm.

#3. Sleep Cycle App

Sleep cycle app tracks everything related to your sleep starting from your duration of sleep, the deficiency of sleep, your irregularity in sleep till your percentage of snoring. This app gives you a trial option of 2 weeks after which you can purchase it for a lifetime or for a particular time period. It has some of the calm lullabies and music that would make you doze off to sleep. Moreover, it will not allow you to oversleep as it has records of your sleep habits. It immediately detects your snoring or sleep talks and records it. This app also contains some of the best ringtones to wake you up and is also integrated into spotify and Play Music.

#4. Loud Alarm Clock

Loud alarm clock app is the loudest alarm clock app that will wake you up immediately. It allows you to set up the photos of your choice as the background and also provides some of the beautiful designs for the background. It provides the weather conditions in your area. Moreover, it has several beautiful voices that would wake you up in a calm way. It will wake you up on the exact time that you have set up for waking up. No matter how deep your sleep is there are some loud horrific sounds that will wake you up.

#5. Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers App

It is a free smart alarm clock for the heavy sleepers who refuse to wake up even after multiple alarms. It does not wake you up suddenly, rather it chooses to wake you up gently and naturally so that your mornings are pleasant. It has the countdown alarms as well which would wake you up from a short power nap that you require. It has some of the amazing sound collections to wake you up and some challenges to prevent you from the oversleep. A unique feature of this app is that it is aware of the public holidays and even if you forget to turn off your alarms on such days it automatically does not snooze. Since it tracks your sleeping habits the app notifies you the time to sleep so that there is no irregularity in your sleep.


These apps have the best and soothing sounds to wake you up gently and slowly in the morning. At the same time it also has a bunch of loud music that will keep on snoozing until you wake up. These alarm clock apps also keep a track of your sleep routine and remind you to sleep on time and even track the hours you have slept. 

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