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5 Amazing Apps for WhatsApp User (Must Download & Share)

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5 Amazing Apps for WhatsApp User (Must Download & Share)

Once again we came with useful Top 5 app list. In this article i will share 5 amazing apps that will be useful for Whatsapp user. By using these app you will able to do Wow! things. Yes, Below apps will blow your mind. These apps are enough to entertain your friends. Lets see Amazing apps.

Before telling you amazing apps, I would like to tell you about WhatsApp. As you know Whatsapp is one of the popular messaging app in google play store. This is freeware instant messaging app for smartphone. Whatsapp is made by Brian Action and Jan Koum in 2009 (Both was Yahoo worker). After its huge success Facbook acquire WhatsApp with 19$ Billion in 2014 and now whatsapp is the part of Facebook inc.


Top 5 Amazing Apps for Whatsapp Users

Without losing time lets start downloading amazing apps to fool your friends 😉

#1. WhatsMe – Chat Without Saving Number

Whatsme App

WhatsMe is one of the best app i ever used for whatsapp. Install this app and send whatsapp message without saving number. If you want to send message to the number and that number is not saved in your contact list & you don’t want to lose your time in saving numbers then download WhatsMe app and send messages without saving contact number. As we know that we can’t chat with anyone without having in contact list. Now don’t worry use this app. Simply input number and hit on open chat.

Can you chat with your self in whatsapp ? Whatsapp don’t allow to chat with self but Yes, you can chat with yourself using this app.

Click here to download WhatsMe app

#2. Empty – Send Blank Message

Whatsapp Empty Chat App

Meet with another interesting app, is Empty app. This app allow you to send blank message to your friends and surprise them. As we know whatsapp not given any facility to send blank message but by using this app you can send blank message to any whatsapp friends.

Click here to download Empty App

#3. Text Repeater

Text Repeater App

By the name of text Repeater you understand the use of this app. Yes! You can repeat words hundreds or thousands time in a second and send it to your friends.

Click here to download Text Repeater app

#4.  WhatsBubbles – Chat Bubbles

Chat Bubbles App

Lets make whatsapp bubbles as like facebook messanger. (See above image) Whatsbubbles app makes easy to chat with whatsapp friends. This bubble app included with Bubble grouping, preview & relpy to message. You can access whatsapp very smoothly.

Click here to download Whatsapp bubbles

#5. Whatscan for Whatsweb

Whatscan for WhatsWeb is very interesting application. By using this app  you can access whatsapp simply through QR code scanning. Use two Whatsapp account in your smartphone and tablets. Also you can able to send and receive messages, images, videos or documents by both WhatsApp.

Click here to download Whatscan App



So these are top 5 useful apps for you. I hope you liked these app. Now let us know if you are using any other app for your whatsapp then tell us in comment section. Finally, Its your time to Share app list with your Whatsapp Friends. Enjoy 🙂


Hi, Nice to Meet You! This is Vikas who is also known as Develop . I am founder/CEO and editor of this Lovely blog. I’m Blogger, Writer & Affiliate marketer. That’s me :)



  1. BalkanRunner

    July 7, 2017 at 7:43 pm

    Thank you for there apps

  2. Suraj Padmasali

    July 21, 2017 at 1:32 pm

    Thank you for this, Vikas!

    I want to recommend you one more in this list is Alterdesk. It’s a secure messenger and enables you to send a text message and up to 1 GB large file attachments.

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